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Chrysoprase, a stone that brings one back into sync within their heart space, opens one to the beauty, joy and abundance of life.

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Chrysoprase is such an exceptional stone not only for its beauty but also for its resonance. Quite powerful in its effect of bringing through a sense of awareness that allows one to connect not only within one’s heart space, bringing both healing and activation of this centre, one seems to evolve and merge from a space of separation entering into the field of wholeness.

It fosters both strength and power, which is propagated through its action of healing the very centre of where a lot of emotional balances lie. Bringing through more love and compassion, one becomes more accepting of both the self and others. This dwelling that occurs within the heart space is nothing other than entering into a closer connection with the divine. Nourished by this relationship one senses the deeper essence of being supported, opening one to the joys, beauty and abundance of life.

It has the power to change your energetic profile which can be felt as soon as you hold this Chrysoprase piece. Weaving its magic into the very fabric of your being it brings through a palpable vibration bringing both positivity of mind and the release of fear. Its almost like you have just entered the threshold of regeneration. Tugging at your solar plexus, combined with the entry into the heart, will deliver one to a place of inspiration to realize one’s passions.

It is a stone that brings courage, growth and prosperity. Instilling trust and security, the healing of the heart allows one to attract a new love into their life. Forging a greater connection with Nature, Chrysoprase opens a doorway into the realms of the devas and nature spirits. It is a stone with a magical presence, gifting one entry back into the space of unity.

Weight – 130gm

Dimensions Approximately – 70mm  x  55mm  x  25mm

HEALTH –    detoxifying – can mobilise heavy metals out of body – calming – overcomes compulsive thoughts & actions – improves mental dexterity – fluent speech – positivity – prevents nightmares particularly in children – heals co-dependence – inspires commitment – stimulates liver function – induces relaxation – peaceful sleep – enhances fertility – reverses infertility caused by infection – guards against STD – great for gout, eye problems and mental illness – treats skin diseases, heart problems, goitres, balances hormones & soothes digestive system – increase absorption of Vitamin C – combined with smoky quartz treats fungal infections – heals the inner child – reduces claustrophobia – brings joy & positivity – overcomes bitterness – release from fear based emotions – helps heal from abuse & breaks the cycle of abuse for future generations – regeneration – recuperation from degenerative diseases

SPIRITUAL – induces deep mediative states – connection with Gaia, nature spirits and devas – connection to source / wholeness  – growth and development – release from separation mentality into a  state of connection




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