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Fire & Ice Quartz


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Unlike the usual Quartz varieties, this Fire & Ice Quartz comes from a specific mine in Brazil and carries a much stronger vibration than its counterparts.

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Instantaneous downloads, this Fire & Ice Quartz specimen is a powerful holder of a frequency so high that with its initial meeting one becomes immediately bonded on so many levels. Cleansing and aligning all chakra centres it activates the Soma, Soul, Star and Stellar gateway. Opening one to the delights of multidimensional realms and higher dimensions, one is given access to navigate these planes with a free ticket to roam through different timelines, in fact the possibilities are endless.

This Fire & Ice Quartz specimen contains an intelligence that brings with it the power to transform both the Earth and its inhabitants. Assisting in its evolution its profound effect creates new beginnings and elevated growth for those ready to enter a new realm of existence. Opening one to the purpose of their being one may now step into a state of expanded consciousness, drawing on the information that is held within its crystalline structure one may glimpse symbols that offer advice for one’s soul transformation.

Fire & Ice Quartz offers one the gift of opening one to the reality beyond the illusion. Encouraging one to begin the process of one’s own spiritual evolution it gently reveals patterns or issues, basically all the stuff that needs to be dealt with before one can progress further onwards towards their awakening. Encompassing both the light and the dark, this self -acceptance brings one closer to a state of wholeness. Its catalytic action of spurring one into a state of rebirth is nothing other than an act of pure love enabling one to step out of the mouse wheel.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 308gm

Dimensions Approximately – 80mm  x  50mm  x  45mm

HEALTH – may aid reproductive and urinary tracts

SPIRITUAL – spurs transformation – opens third eye – reveals soul purpose – enables one to enter different planes and timelines – expands consciousness – heals the etheric, causal and higher spiritual bodies – works through the pineal and pituitary glands energetically reconfiguring the endocrine system and neurotransmitters – activates kundalini sweeping through the kidneys in a cleaning process – ignites kundalini energy within light body

References –

Hall, J 2011, 101 Power Crystals, Fair Winds Press, USA

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Additional information
Weight 0.308 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 8 cm
Crystal Type

Clear Quartz, Fire and Ice, Quartz, Rainbow Quartz

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