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Quite an intense energy, this Almandine Garnet pendant makes its presence known almost immediately. Bringing one back to a grounded state one feels their roots truly embedded within the earth.


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Truly a unique piece this raw Almandine Garnet pendant is a must have. Sourced from Alaska, not only does one  battle the temperatures but also the presence of bears and moose before one can even consider mining these little beauties by hand to prevent shattering the gem.

Such a exquisite display of sacred geometry, is the garnet found embedded within a glittery – grey mica schist. Quite outstanding is not only its visual appeal but once its in your hands its vibration also makes itself known in quite a pronounced manner. You can almost feel the realignment of energy particles taking place within your body within its initial entrainment. Quite forceful it soons brings one to a coherent state with great clarity and a strong sense of being bonded to the earth, it truly does improve one’s vitality and endurance.

As with all grounding stones this bond helps to connect with the energies of the earth and this supports one in not only manifesting one’s heart felt desires on this plane of reality. But also alleviates low frequency emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, panic and worry. Targeting the root centre this link into Mother Earth brings one back to a state of being present and with this, it brings the knowing that one is fully supported.

The Almandine Garnet pendant will also act to deter psychic intrusion, being present in the body discourages entities and any form of negativity attaching to form. Being a stone of ancient times it will also allow one to tap into the very corridors of its crystal anatomy to allow one to receive wisdom of past life memories of ancient old civilisations.  This stimulation of cellular memories will help clear old karmic patterns.

So, let this Almandine Garnet pendant be your talisman of strength and security, rooting you to a place where one can create foundations to support the ever evolving- soul.

Source – Alaska

Weight – 20gm

Dimensions Approximately – 53mm  x  25mm  x  10mm

HEALTH – brings strength, stamina, endurance & energy – helps to absorb iron in intestines – stimulates eyes – treats the liver & pancreas – alleviates states of worry, fear, stress, panic & anxiety particularly around money – makes one feel calm & grounded – supports ovary & testes health – support recuperation after injury – beneficial for blood diseases – regenerative –

PROTECTION – deters attachment of entities and negativity

SPIRITUAL – opens the higher mind – opens the pathway between the base to crown chakras – may arouse kundalini energies – grounds spiritual energies into the body

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.  Chain not included.

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