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Larimar Pendant


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Such a soothing balm for the soul, this Larimar pendant connects one with their innate feminine wisdom, allowing one to feel a great sense of empowerment.

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Such a beautiful coloured stone, this Larimar pendant brings one into a state of calm and tranquility. Truly exquisite it is only found in one location on this planet, the Dominican Republic within the Caribbean Sea. So, it is of no surprise that one may feel a certain Atlantean vibration whilst holding this stone. Born of volcanic rock, the copper content is renowned to be responsible for the mesmerizing blue hue, but be mindful exposure to strong sunlight may cause it to fade.

Its essence brings one to swim within the waves of its vibration. Encouraging one to go with the flow, it creates a harmonizing element that easily seeps into ones being. It has so many different healing qualities and is most beneficial for those that seek a stone to allay emotional extremes of either stress, fear and or anger.

It allows one to move beyond a stagnant space opting more for one that foresees freedom from self-imposed blockages and boundaries onto a path of true spiritual re -emergence. Bringing both clarity and serenity, the equilibrium of these states allows re-connection to a joyous childlike state. Teaching one to remain in the present and accepting the divine moment. This encourages one to leave behind the ego – centered state of reality and step into the new frontier of the new consciousness.

Such a powerful stone, this Larimar pendant not only naturally induces a higher state of consciousness it also likes to target the throat chakra. This action works on improving our communication skills, voicing our truths, our deep emotions and inner wisdom, all inspired through our heart space.

So, if one finds themselves resonating with this Larimar pendant it is of no mistake that one is ready to slip into a space filled with love and peace. Let its vibrations take you on a journey that brings one into a state of unity.

Source – Dominican Republic

Weight – 6gm

Dimensions Approximately – 33mm  x  21mm  x  6mm

HEALTH – promotes self-healing – induces states of  tranquility & calmness –  addresses stress, phobias, panic attacks &  fear – great for any emotional extremes including conditions such as bi-polar – treats trauma to the heart – heals past life relationships – heals cartilage & throat conditions – draws out pain when placed on the site – reduces muscle tension, spasm & adhesion – its energy addresses infections – inflammation –  fevers –  hots flushes – helps with stress related skin conditions such as hives, eczema, psoriasis  – great for mothers for pre, birth & post pregnancy addressing postpartum depression, high blood pressure & associated stress – clears deep emotional issues

PROTECTION – removes attached entities

SPIRITUAL – increases consciousness – induces deep meditative states – angelic contact – communion with other realms – helps to clear the meridian’s of blockages – helps to guide one onto their true pathway

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.  Chain not included.

References –

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