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September 5, 2020
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Seeking  a stone with a powerful calming vibration, then look no further, this natural piece of Howlite is a great ally that not only brings stillness of the mind but encourages and supports one’s spiritual journey.

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This gorgeous piece of Howlite makes a great addition to anyone’s crystal collection. Holding an extremely strong calming quality its soothing vibrations is a great ally for those seeking a stone that helps to still the mind. This property not only helps one to enter into more mindfulness during meditations but also is a great antidote for those suffering insomnia.

It teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger. Allowing one to settle into a space of calm it precipitates practical communication without the entry of discord. It is a stone that strengthens one’s desire of knowledge, forging one forward toward ambitions of either within the spiritual or material worlds, it both inspires and aides in one achieving their goals.

Not lacking in supporting one’s spiritual growth and development, its link into the spiritual domains brings attunement, preparing the soul to receive wisdom and insights. It may assist in out of body journeys and allows for  access to information in regards to past lives. The Howlite may also be used as a scrying tool, in this manner the guardian chooses to direct their full focus onto the stone which may allow for one to be transported to other times and dimensions if one so wishes.

Weight – 1.146kg

Dimensions Approximately -15cm  x  6cm  x  8cm

HEALTH –  assists with insomnia – calms the emotions – balances calcium levels within the body aiding in teeth, bones and soft tissue – absorbs negativity – eliminates rage and uncontrolled anger – calming

SPIRITUAL – stills the mind for meditation – spurs out of body journeys – access to past lives also spurs memories of past lives – links one into the spiritual domains to receive wisdom and insights – transport to other times and dimensions


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Weight 1.146 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 8 cm
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