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Tourmaline Heart


Need protection, then look no further, this black Tourmaline Heart shields against all detrimental electromagnetic smog, including Wi-Fi and guards against psychic attack.

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If one is seeking a stone that will protect against the detrimental effects of electromagnetic smog including diffusions from wi-fi, radiation, mobile phones, computers then this Tourmaline heart is a great choice. A major protective stone, it is an ideal crystal to have in any situation where one encounters negative vibes. Whether elicited from people, from places or any challenging situations it has the capacity to shield one, blocking the effects of these destructive energies.

Resonating with its vibrations this black Tourmaline heart provides an alias that helps to rid the body of negative thoughts. Most useful for those that suffer anxiety, stress, fear, lack of self-worth, or those that have anger issues, it has the capacity to transmute those heavier energies into a lighter vibration that greatly influences one into a more harmonious state.

But it doesn’t stop there, it protects against psychic attack, attachments, and entities, making it an ideal protective stone for anyone, particularly for empaths, or as one fully opens there psychic faculty, it provides an assurance against any ill effects of entering into the world beyond the veil.

Purifying on all levels, mind, body and soul, this action presents one with a tool that brings elevation of consciousness. Not only does it help to clear the auric field and maintain a balanced chakra system, its grounding effect ensures one is attuned with the ever changing resonance of the Earth during this time of ascension. This plugging in to the Earths energy is most vital to ensure we are protected against any ill effects of stress and negativity.

A must have stone, this black Tourmaline heart provides one with an assurance that one is greatly protected. It allows one to delve deeper and gain a greater understanding of the self. No longer the victim, it inspires self-confidence, and encourages positivity. Attracting  inspiration, prosperity and compassion one becomes more tolerant of others.

Sourced – Brazil

Weight – 94gm

Dimensions Approximately – 58mm  x  14mm  x  59mm

HEALTH – This Tourmaline heart helps to balance the right & left hemispheres of the brain – improves hand-to-eye co-ordination –  helps with dyslexia – powerful mental healer –   transmutes negative thought patterns into positive ones – treats paranoia & obsessive, compulsive behaviour – increases vitality – relieves stress, tension and anxiety – strengthens immune system – good for arthritis – purifies and cleanses heavy metals, toxins and wastes from body

PROTECTION – against psychic attack – entities – any form of negativity – ill-wishing & spells – against mobile phones, computer, electromagnetic smog, radiation – negative thoughts – great to use during rituals – protects against bad vibes

SPIRITUAL – this Tourmaline heart supports  grounding, enabling one to gain access to higher realms of light – elevates consciousness – clears and cleanses chakras & auric field – great for scrying – removes blockages – ensures good energetic flow through meridians


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