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Lemurian Seed Crystal Points


Encoded with sacred intelligence, these Lemurian Seed Crystal Points will attune one to the wisdom found entrapped within its structure.

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Wow, as soon as one starts to swipe the lines on these Lemurian Seed Crystal Points one starts the onset of downloads. At the speed of light one can feel enormous amounts of information and knowledge being passed on. At some points it starts to slow down and some information is able to be assimilated there and then, but most will need time to be integrated into one’s being. It contains many entry points into infinite portal entry, as a bridge it connects one with the higher planes of existence.

Seemingly these crystal looks quite tame, yet the Lemurian Seed Crystal Points carries the knowledge of the ancient Lemurians, a race of beings who were intent of retaining and recording their wisdom before they were to disappear, beneath the waves of the pacific ocean as it seems or perhaps ascending to another frequency band. Wisdom that would not only help with the entry of the new age and ascension process but a gateway into the infinite library of knowledge holding the Lemurian consciousness. They then scattered and hid these stones within the earth for later discovery. Unlike other crystals usually embedded within a matrix the Lemurian Seed specimens are usually discovered lying in a bed of sand. Truly a gift for all, these potent stones help to shift the vibrations to higher levels of both the planet and everything found on it.

Like a galactic key it opens one to the vast wisdom that penetrates both this reality and the cosmos. Allowing us to see ourselves as multidimensional beings one can now shift into aligning with one’s higher self. Discarding many blockages, stagnancies, old and outdated emotional and mental beliefs, we see attunement of the chakra centres to reach the higher frequencies. Creating a down pour of light through the main channel,they will allow one to co-exist within an inter-dimensional consciousness.

Helping one to ascend from feelings of being separated and lonely on the earthly plane,  they instill a soothing balm connecting one with the cosmic realms from whence we came. Truly an ally in this respect, it allows one to enter a space that brings release from these feelings and the ability to merge with the divine, rising above to higher levels.

These Lemurian Seed crystal points will bring one to a place of understanding, that the reality we interface is actually an illusion and for one to step beyond this, we need to bring ourselves back into the now moment. Being present is nothing more than the ultimate gift of unchaining one from the collective consciousness that keeps one bound to the ever going mouse wheel.

Source – Brazil

Weight – on average – 33 grams to 45 grams

Dimensions Approximately – on average 6cm  x  2.5 cm  x  2 cm

HEALTH – helps to clear old belief systems within the emotional/mental bodies that may be holding you back

SPIRITUAL – powerful meditation tool –  increases consciousness –  connects with higher self for guidance as well as other guides – receive wisdom from Lemurian consciousness – alerts one to their multidimensional self – cleanses and activates all chakra centres including the main channel


References –

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Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 2 cm
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Lemurian Seed

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