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Herkimer Diamond Ring


Such clarity, this stunning Herkimer Diamond ring brings with it many gifts to spur one’s transformation.

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Such a gorgeous piece, this Herkimer Diamond ring immediately takes you off into a space of pure light. Such a powerful attunement stone, this one in particular, due to its exceptional clarity and its petite size it allows one to link into the higher spiritual realms encouraging an expansion of one’s consciousness.

Clearing the chakra centres, the channels are now ready to accept the high frequency light to travel and fill one’s being with its glorious, transforming vibrations. It is of no surprise that its entrainment spurs much activity to enhance one’s growth as an evolving being. Stimulating many gifts, including the psychic faculties such as clairvoyance, telepathy, inner vision and dimensional travel. These are only a taste of the potential possibilities that one may indulge in as one’s development grows.

Its brilliance of light allows any blockages or stagnancy of flow to be removed from the aura, enabling one to move forward ahead with their ascension process. Activating the light body one is now ready to move into a space of total transition.

You cannot but help feel both bliss and joy when entraining with this Herkimer diamond ring. It truly is a magnificent stone that’s geared toward bringing you much light and love for your travels both on this plane and others.

Ring Size – 8.5  (Ring Size Chart) 

Resizing is available. Contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Herkimer, New York, USA

Weight – 6gm

Dimensions Approximately – 30mm  x  15mm

HEALTH – high frequency improves general overall wellbeing – great for eyes and eyesight – corrects DNA – addresses cellular disorders  – relieves insomnia if caused by geopathic & electromagnetic pollution – eliminates stress and tension

PROTECTION – against geopathic stress – against electromagnetic pollution

SPIRITUAL – stimulates transformation – connects one to higher sources of guidance – spurs psychic activity such as telepathy, visions, clairvoyance – astral and dimensional travel – expanded reality

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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Herkimer Diamond