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Pink Opal Tumbles


Sourced from Peru, these gorgeous Pink Opal tumbles brings a soft gentleness to one’s heart centre.

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Sourced from Peru, these gorgeous Pink Opal tumbles brings a soft gentleness to one’s heart centre. Soothing to the emotions it allows entry of peace and calm to fill one’s auric field. When one is seeking a stone to help heal past hurts and traumas even those gained in past lives, this Pink Opal tumbles are a great tool lending its resonance to gently tease out the energetic residue still woven within one’s field. Bringing clearance of this subconscious held pain brings release allowing one to become more emotionally centred.

The Pink Opal holds a strong connection with past lives and the dream world. In this manner it makes a great ally for healing to be conducted whilst undergoing past life regression or even during dream time. As the pains and hurts re-surface during the process resolution can be made whilst holding the stone, resonating in a state where one can process its release with more compassion and gentleness for oneself.

Not only useful in the healing of emotional traumas, it is a great choice for those that suffer anxiety, intense fear, tension, worry and or stress. A stone that allows one to trust again, even for those that have suffered abuse or betrayal. It opens one’s world to feel joy again even when one is feeling flat and despondent. Great for children who have trouble sleeping or tend to have nightmares.

Bringing one closer to the Angelic realms, opening and clearing this channel, it is of no wonder that the Pink Opal is a prime choice to support the healing that one requires. 

Source – Peru

Weight – on average – 11 to 19gm

Dimensions Approximately – 2cm  x  2.5cm  1.5cm on average

HEALTH – calming – reduces stress, fear, worry and anxiety – stabilizes emotions – heals past traumas and pain – brings sense of peace and joy – soothes the heart – useful for erratic heart beats –  supports the lungs and the utilization of oxygen by the body – excellent for children who have difficulty sleeping or tend to have nightmares – may aid children, animals very old or chronically sick people, helps with skin dryness, cracking or skin irritations – may help eyesight, heart, low blood sugar and diabetes –

SPIRITUAL – keeps one’s connection to the angelic realms open and clear


References –

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Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm
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Opal, Pink Opal

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