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May 16, 2020
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Selenite Bowls


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These Selenite Bowls are an ideal receptacle to both cleanse and recharge your crystal jewellery and stones.

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Selenite holds an exceptionally high frequency and has the capacity to amplify the energies of other crystals, making these Selenite bowls an ideal receptacle to hold one’s crystal jewellery or stones. Not only does it recharge but cleanses the crystals, bringing divine light into everything it touches.

Not only do they look good and make perfect gifts for both the self and others, it helps to maintain the energetic health of your crystals. Rapid in its ability to efficiently cleanse the auric field, clearing blockages and congested energy, great at removing negativity. Its purification not only provides one with an optimal tool to cleanse the self, but also provides these very same attributes to both cleanse and clear your crystals.

Considered an ancient stone, it has been purported to be one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on Earth. By directing it high frequency through its action of entrainment, the Selenite Bowls will support in ensuring a quick recharge and cleanse overnight to assure your crystals are ready to go first thing in the morning. Amped up, and invigorated their homeostatic resonance and vibrations are re-established to support the energetic health of its guardian.

Source – Morocco

Weight Approximately – 25ogm upwards

Dimensions approximately –  10cm

HEALTH – brings clarity of mind – instils deep peace & calm – guards against epileptic seizures – neutralizes mercury poisoning from dental amalgam & reverses the effects of the effects of free radicals – great crystal for breast feeding & nurturing a child – a large piece placed in the home ensures a peaceful atmosphere – aligns the spinal column – promotes flexibility

PROTECTION –  protects against negativity

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – opens & activates the Third eye, Crown, Soul Star & Stellar gateway and beyond – cleanses & clears auric field of blockages & negativity – expands consciousness – communion with higher self & spirit guides – connects with angelic consciousness – grounds the light body – excellent for meditation or spiritual work – scrying tool – can be used in grids for protection or creating energetic vortexes – aligns all chakra centres if placed on spine

References –

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