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January 18, 2022
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January 24, 2022
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Pyrite Heart


Seeking increased mental acuity and focus, this Pyrite Heart offers one that ‘can do attitude’, bringing one up to speed when challenging tasks presents.

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A stone that brings many gifts, the Pyrite Heart oozes a vibration that is emitted from all aspects of it surface creating a space that invites one to better connect with the Earth. This stimulus spurs a bountiful of energy, vitality and stamina. If one needs that extra kick in the afternoon due to low energy levels hold this little baby and instantly one is abound with a refreshing boost of staying power.

A good stone choice for those seeking increased mental acuity and focus, it offers one that ‘can do attitude’, bringing one up to speed when challenging tasks presents. One is empowered by its very resonance, increasing the will, boosting one’s confidence it aligns one with an energy that can screen out negative influences. But more notably, it inspires one to take action and ensure that they do not allow such influences to even enter into their space.

Stimulating of creativity, it is a stone of manifestation. Grounding of higher wisdom allows one to bring to fruition, their dreams and ideals, helping to create more abundance into one’s life.  Its multitude of assets include, inspiring the will, spurring action, commitment, persistence and ambition, the Pyrite Heart  encourages one to see things through to the end.

Helping  to overcome fear and anxiety, its true nature is to bring nurture to the solar plexus, our centre of our will. A great allay for those that lack the courage to come out of their shell, this gorgeous golden stone helps one to be more dynamic and daring.

Source – Peru

Weight – 143 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 5 cm  x  5 cm  x  2.5cm

HEALTH – This Pyrite Heart may help to improve stamina, vitality & energy levels – helps to overcome fear & anxiety – increases mental clarity & focus – instills confidence and can do attitude – sulphur content helps to purify the body of infection – supports endocrine function – excellent for combating male impotence & infertility – iron content beneficial for blood & tissues allowing it to combat skin disease, fungal infections & cellular invasion by viruses, improves bloods capacity to carry oxygen

PROTECTION – protects against negative influences in one’s environment – shields against negativity on any level

SPIRITUAL – allows integration of higher frequencies into physical body – grounding


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