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Pyrite Ring


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Simply stunning, the cubic anatomy of this Pyrite ring gives it an air of ‘not of this world’.  Mother Earth has certainly outdone herself with this creation.

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This Pyrite ring imparts a very much confident, go getting attitude. Resonating with a highly motivated energy it seems to instil these vibrations within one. I simply love how I feel when I hold this ring and it is totally amazing how the same species of stone will actually  focus on different key attributes associated with its form. Permitting emergence of subtle differences between them suggests the possibility that each stone carry’s a different personality.

With that said, this ring absolutely makes a bee line for our solar plexus, our power centre. Targeting this area it encourages one to become more committed and persistent, inspiring one to carry things through to the end. Allaying any fears that often hold people back from taking action in realising their dreams it supports one in becoming more self- assured, more ambitious and more self – motivated. It gifts you with mental clarity and focus, it basically feels like you have been switched on. Like you are running on a new power source.

Connecting you to the energies of Mother Earth this stone offers one strength, stamina and vitality.  A stone very much associated with manifestation. The connection made with the higher realms enables one to bring creations into this reality. An important factor that allows this to happen is being firmly grounded

So if one is seeking not only a stunning piece of jewellery but also an ally that will inspire creativity, willpower and ambition, this Pyrite ring may be for you.

Ring Size 6 – (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Spain

Weight – 10gm

Dimensions Approximately – 20mm  x  30mm  x  23mm

HEALTH – improves stamina, vitality & energy levels – helps to overcome fear & anxiety – increases mental clarity & focus – instils confidence and can do attitude – sulphur content helps to purify the body of infection – supports endocrine function – excellent for combatting male impotence & infertility – iron content beneficial for blood & tissues allowing it to combat skin disease, fungal infections & cellular invasion by viruses, improves bloods capacity to carry oxygen

PROTECTION – protects against negative influences in ones environment – shields against negativity on any level

SPIRITUAL – allows integration of higher frequencies into physical body

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Melody, 2011, Love Is In The Earth The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia The Liite Fantastic and The Last Testament, Earth Love Publishing House, Colorado USA.

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