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April 6, 2018
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Pyrite Pendant


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Big and chunky, this Pyrite pendant brings one insights to manifesting one’s dreams.

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This Pyrite pendant is quite a fiery piece. Stimulating an urge to bring forth what one desires. It seems to carry a vibration strongly directed at bringing about manifestation. Spurring one to take action in creating abundance into one’s life. It is of no wonder that some of the key words that describe the major properties of this stone include one’s like action, manifestation, creativity, confidence, vitality, willpower. I feel all those when I hold this piece.

It creates a new wave of entry, gifting one with high bouts of energy and vitality.  It springs one forward with a sense of being able to accomplish any set tasks required no matter how challenging . Feeling the power, its targeting of the solar plexus definitely is felt by instilling an awareness that defies the usual bouts of fear and anxiety that lingers when one wants to push forward to create changes in one’s life. This new found feeling and strength allows one to overcome those past discouraging thoughts that may present, gaining a much more can do attitude.

Stimulating creativity, ambition, commitment and persistence are great attributes that will assist in one following through on their ideas. Whilst the male energy that this Pyrite pendant carry’s ensures assertive action takes place. It is a stone that offers great mental clarity and focus, this is so felt when resonating with this stone. You feel so alive and ready to take on the world. Which is usually felt when one creates a strong connection with the earth. Planting you solidly, one is well grounded on this plane, enabling assimilation of higher frequency energy, which creates the enormous potential of bringing what one wishes to fruition.

So, if one is ready to create abundance in one’s life. Consider this gorgeous chunky Pyrite pendant to help one resonate the frequency required to inspire ones will.

Source – Spain

Weight – 36gm

Dimensions Approximately – 52mm  x  40mm x  14mm

HEALTH – improves stamina, vitality & energy levels – helps to overcome fear & anxiety – increases mental clarity & focus – instils confidence and can do attitude – sulphur content helps to purify the body of infection – supports endocrine function – excellent for combatting male impotence & infertility – iron content beneficial for blood & tissues allowing it to combat skin disease, fungal infections & cellular invasion by viruses, improves bloods capacity to carry oxygen

PROTECTION – protects against negative influences in ones environment – shields against negativity on any level

SPIRITUAL – allows integration of higher frequencies into physical body – grounding

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.


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