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Scolecite Pendant


What a gorgeous stone, emanating a great sense of peace that reaches into the depths of your core, this Scolecite Pendant is non other than a gift from nature.

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What a gorgeous stone, emanating a great sense of peace that reaches into the depths of your core, this Scolecite Pendant is non other than a gift from nature. Yet do not be fooled, even though its a great choice for those sensitive ones that may react to high frequency stones, the Scolecite, due to its serene nature tends to makes its entry entraining with its wearer in a much calmer way. However this crystal still provides one with a powerful ally in supporting one’s spiritual growth and development and its coherence with source, without the need to create an intense entry into one’s field.

Uniting with its high vibrations links one into the highest sources of light, including entry within the interdimensional realms, one is able to tap into higher guidance.  Communing with star beings and other intelligences one is offered a free ticket for journeys both within and  beyond the body. A stone that offers entry into other interdimensional spaces not offered by other stones, it allows one access to travel through time and space, offering insights and knowledge from both ancient and futuristic civilisations.

Just the simple act of holding this stone I was soon met with a display of points of light, a white light so intense, with such clarity, one is aware that communion has already been initiated from other realms. It does not take long to soon feel a gentle warmth settling within the heart space, a stone that helps to awaken the heart, it offers the gift of melting one that has turned to stone. Its gentle release of past trauma and hurts helps to unite one back into a space of love and compassion and the ability to love once again.

This Scolecite pendant helps to maintain a healthy auric field, repairing tears, holes, splits and fragmentations it provides one with assurance of deterring possible attachments of entities and negative energies. Catalysing removal of old patterns, programmes and beliefs, this restructuring provides for cleansing of both the mental body and etheric blueprint.

Great for both meditation, lucid dreaming and dream recall, one’s awareness becomes united with the highest self. Helping one to gain greater coherence of the true nature of self, that one is a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Weight – 12gm

Dimensions Approximately – 3.8cm  x  4cm  x  1.8cm

HEALTH – this Scolecite pendant helps one to gain a sense of calm and  inner peace – improves sleep – can help support ideal serotonin levels – reduces stress, fear and anxiety – opens the heart centre – removes old traumas and hurts – increases confidence – effective for MS and neurological balancing – realigns spinal column and associated nerves – anti-seizure effect – helps with benign tumours of the brain – calcium content helps with bones – useful for intestinal conditions including parasites and IBS – supports circulatory system and lungs

PROTECTION – against negative astral energies – entities whilst journeying

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – elevates conscious awareness – creates connection with higher self – clears the higher centres – removes old patterns and programs – repairs auric field maintaining its protective integrity – awakens the heart – access to interdimensional travel – activates communication with star beings and other intelligences – lucid dreaming and deeper meditations – entry past time and space – insights and entry into past ancient and futuristic civilisations

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

Hall, J 2011, The Crystal Bible 3′, Goldsfield Publishing, London

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Dimensions 4 × 1.8 × 3.8 cm
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