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Sikhote Alin Meteorite Ring


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OMG. If one would like to enter a space of multi-dimensional realms at the speed of light then this one is for you. Behaving almost like a transporter it catapults one onto a ride opening infinite gateways for one to roam.

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Looking for something different, not quite of this world, well look no further, this Sikhote Alin Meteorite ring is quite a unique piece. It holds such a crazy vibration normality will never be the same again.

If we consider its origins this may explain its true nature. It was part the largest observed meteorite fall that happened back in 1947. Its remains are found nestled within the area of the Russian Mountains of Sikhote Alin. Their supplies are now becoming much more limited, creating their potential to be of a rare specimen.

Structurally they contain the Widmanstatten pattern. Which is considered to be very unique to extra-terrestrial iron-nickel material. So, if owning a piece of rock which belongs to a galaxy far, far away excites you. Then this is the one for you.

Yet not for everyone. Its cosmic frequency will most definitely shake things up. Bringing one great awakening. Spurring one onto a path of change and transformation whether your ready or not. A stone that stimulates kundalini activation begins the journey. A journey that foresees a flood of energies being released within the spinal channel. Bringing with it a full force implosion of spiritual emergence.

Its stimulation to the third eye and crown centres will bring with it inner visions and further support toward spiritual awakening. Additionally it also targets the solar plexus. Which helps one to not only instigate appropriate action to support the processes that are taking place at this time of change. But also provide the will to follow through. Its targeting of the root chakra ensures one is both grounded and anchored into Mother Earth. Which will allow you to be supported throughout the whole process.

Ring Size –  8.5 (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Russia

Weight – 16gm

Dimensions Approximately – 3cm  x  3cm  x  2.3

SPIRITUAL – spurs Kundalini – visions – spiritual awakening – transformation

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

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Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2.3 cm
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Meteorite, Sikhote Alin Meteorite