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July 8, 2020
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Shungite Pyramid


Need to protect against EMF emissions, these little Shungite Pyramids offer a shielding effect. Place near computers, televisions, microwaves or modems it helps to neutralise the invisible radiation waves being emitted.

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These Shungite pyramids offer one a sure way of protecting themselves from EMF radiations. Creating a shield  one is protected from electromagnetic smog that is ever invading our environment right now. Sure great we have fantastic technology but with it comes a price. These invisible waves penetrate regardless, however if one is seeking an alternative to blocking its entry, then these  Shungite pyramids are a must have.

Even though Shungite has been around for over 2 million years it is only recently that everyone can’t get enough of this mineral. Made of carbon, scientists have only just acknowledged that it is a natural source of fullerenes. What are Fullerenes you may ask ? Fullerene’s pertains to its structure, and without going into too much scientific detail it is the contributing factor that offers the many health benefits that Shungite has to offer.

Not only does it neutralize EMF radiations released from electronics its a great water purifier. Absorbing 95% of pollutants such as nitrates, lead, bacteria and other chemical compounds it provides one with a powerful antioxidant. With this capability it helps to treat free radical damage which is the prime instigator that drives many diseases and conditions. In this respect it is most helpful for those that suffer from inflammation. Touted to lend its anti-aging effects it promotes longevity, has anti-viral effects and has been shown to be neuro-protective just to name a few.

By simply dropping a cleansed  (both physically and energetically) Shungite pyramid in water and instilling it for at least 48hours one has prepared a powerful elixir. An antioxidant rich purified solution that contains many beneficial minerals, nutrients and therapeutics that offers numerous health benefits to the drinker. Remember if you do this frequently you will have to make sure you cleanse the Shungite regularly before preparation.

The Shungite pyramid offers grounding, protection and purification, similar to that of Black Tourmaline, it is the fullerene content that contrasts their disparity.

Shungite is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are not only effective in purifying water and  making antioxidant rich elixirs. These pyramids are great placed near computers, televisions, anywhere that an area needs to be neutralized from EMF radiation that includes Wi-Fi, so even placing one on your bedside table if your mobile phone is beside your bed.

Source – Russia

Weight Approximately – average 15gm

Dimensions Approximately – average 4.5cm x 3.2cm x.5cm

HEALTH – reduces stress and anxiety – anti-aging – promotes longevity – anti-viral – neuroprotective – treats inflammation and related inflammatory dis-orders – regulates skin PH – treats acne – reduces free-radicals – antioxidant – filters water – helps with diabetes, colds and flu – strengthens DNA – spurs cellular regeneration – improves blood circulation – supports the digestive system – may assist with allergies by its anti-histamine effect – increases energy – alleviates headaches, high blood pressure – may help with nerve pain – skin spots – may increase libido – improve sleep

PROTECTION – Shungite Pyramids protects and neutralizes against EMF radiations including all electronics, mobile phones, computers, microwaves, televisions etc

SPIRITUAL – Shungite Pyramids helps one to ground their energies – induces deeper meditations

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