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Atlantasite Tumbles


Spurring Kundalini awakening, theses Atlantasite tumbles unlock the doorway to connect with the plant, animal, fairy and mineral kingdoms.

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Atlantasite tumbles are an amalgamation of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite. These two minerals are similar in relation to their attribute of spurring Kundalini awakening. In fact Serpentine is renown for its knowingness of being one of the best stones for its stimulation, it is through this provoked action that one will encounter increases of psychic phenomena when entraining with these stones.

So named Atlantasite, these mineralised crystals allows one access to past lives endured within the ancient city of Atlantis. Uniting one to the wisdom already embedded within the matrix of one’s field, the long lost wisdom re-emerges allowing one to proceed and finally complete old contracts initiated within that time construct. Its vibration brings about recognition of reckless use of spiritual power of the past, enabling one to awaken to the true depths of spiritual empowerment.

Not only delivering activation of kundalini awakening its clears and ensures alignment of all the chakra centres. While the Stichtite vibration links one with their higher-self, its combination of Serpentine ensures one opens to the union of spirit. Bringing awareness, its stimulation of the third eye and crown centres opens one to visionary delights.

It unlocks a gateway that not only allows one to be privy to the natural world, holding the vibrational waves that carry past and future evolutionary earthly changes, one becomes in synched, and has the ability to pick-up on the Earthly shifts as they take place.  In this way the serpentine content also assists in connecting one with the many natural kingdoms, allowing one to commune with not only the plant, animal and fairy realms but also the stone, crystal and mineral kingdoms.

The Atlantasite tumbles can be used to bring healing to the Earth with its commitment to inspire peace, it helps to clear and restructure energetic debris found in areas of obstruction.

Reducing stress, these Atlantasite Tumbles  brings about a more positive approach, that spurs better choices, addressing old patterns, its most effective of bringing about a harmonic balance.

HEALTH – spurs cellular memory – good for blood disorders – reduces stress – addresses hypoglycaemia and diabetes – may help with heart, lungs, stomach and kidneys – cramp, menstrual pain, excess or absent flow – hernias, skin complaints and wrinkles – digestion and stomach acidity

SPIRIUTAL – spurs kundalini – unites one with their higher-self – access to the plant, mineral, fairy and animal kingdoms – visions through third eye activation – connection with the Earth

Weight per each Approximately on average  – 8 gram

Dimensions Approximately on average – 33mm x 21mm x 12mm

References –

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