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Staurolite Ring


Unlocking the doorway to enter the realms of the fairy and fae, this gorgeous Staurolite ring will bring with it much enchantment.

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For those that seek communion within the Earthly planes, let this Staurolite ring be your entry point to delve deep into the rich soils of connection. This connection with Mother Nature brings one grounding, enabling a sense of stability, one will feel protected, safe, and secure. A stone that brings emotional balance it can counteract feelings of depression, fear, and hysteria.

It inspires one to treat both body and Earth with respect and appreciation bringing in the awareness that what effects one effects the whole. Bringing through this nurturance encourages one to take action in preserving and regenerating the symbiotic relationship that coalesces the worldly planes that we reside.

It can stimulate natural purging’s and assist one in giving up self-destructive habits including addictions. It allows one to step into a space where one becomes aware of how important it is to bring forth a mentality that allows the emergence of looking after the sacredness of the whole, both planet and self.

Bringing into union, the physical, etheric and spiritual planes one is open to communicate between them. Not surprisingly this Staurolite ring may act as a key in opening doorways for one to travel to different planes of existence. Its stimulation of allowing one to attune to varying frequencies provides one with a ticket to roam numerous realms of one’s choosing.

Its close connection with the astral and fairy realms brings one into close communion within the subtle realms, as too with both the plant and animal kingdoms. So, if one is seeking a closer connection with their animals and pets, this Staurolite ring may be the link to create a better communication on a much higher level.

Ring Size –   7.75   (Ring Size Chart)

Ring sizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Russia

Weight – 12gm

Dimensions Approximately – 30mm  x  25mm

HEALTH – relives stress – alleviates depression & addictions – treats cellular disorders and growths – increases assimilation of carbohydrates – traditionally used for fever – helps to stabilize the emotional body helping to counter hysteria, excessive fear and emotional paralysis – assists in muscle & blood formation – counteracts aging

SPIRITUAL – grounding – opens one to perceive other beings and realms – resumes connection with the earth allowing one to fully encompass the sacredness of the symbiotic relationship that co-exists between its inhabitants and the planet

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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