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Sunstone Heart


Wow, what a power packed crystal the Sunstone heart is. It enlivens, brings optimism & enthusiasm, the quintessential stone that helps to shift dark moods.

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Wow, what a power packed crystal the Sunstone Heart is. It enlivens, bringing optimism and enthusiasm, it is the quintessential stone that helps to shift dark moods. If one is feeling depressed this is the one for you. Bringing positive vibes one steps forward with more confidence, letting go of inhibitions and procrastination’s, its vitality inspiring vibrations brings one to be more self-empowered. One shifts past dependency and reliance on others allowing one to start moving forward with a greater sense of independence. It allows one to detach from feelings of being sabotaged, abandoned or discriminated against. One regains the ability to be self aware of one’s own self value.

With its joyful light emanations it brings more sweetness into your life. Nurturing and fostering trust, the entry of more light and energy allows the true self to emerge from the inner depths. Clearing the chakra centres the Sunstone Heart is very much regenerating, spurring a deeper connection with the light it enhances and finely tunes one’s intuition, helping to awaken and navigate one’s spiritual journey.

Sunstone has the capacity to remove hooks from other people that may be lodged within one of the chakras or subtle bodies that may be draining your energy. Whether it be on a mental or emotional level, from past partners or possessive parents it allows release of these cords to take place.

Stimulating self healing and revitalizing, the Suntsone brings both joy and positivity. Being bathed within its vibrational infusion allows one to resonate with a stone intent of lifting heavy repressed emotions to the surface for transmutation. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts it creates the feeling of expansion, a great choice for  those that have trouble saying no.

HEALTH – effective for SAD syndrome, seasonal affective disorder – helps lift dark moods and depression – brings joy and positivity – increases vitality – regulates autonomic nervous system – harmonizes all organs – treats all chronic sore throats – relieves stomach ulcers, cartilage problems, rheumatism and general aches and pains

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – heightens one’s intuition – spurs spiritual awakening – acts like a compass to help navigate one’s spiritual journey

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