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Lepidolite Sphere


With its content of lithium this Lepidolite sphere presents one with an allay that acts as a  soothing energetic balm aiding those suffering from stress and worry.

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A must have crystal this Lepidolite Sphere offers one so many wonderful gifts. A mineral combination that allows one to sit within a space of calming acceptance. Even if the world seems like its going crazy and one is met with multiple challenges, from financial, job or relationship catastrophes it allows one to entrain with its energies dispersing a more calm, enlightened form of awareness to which one’s ability to handle these surmounting issues are met with harmonious action that is very much aligned with maintaining one’s state of  well being.

Shifting one’s mindset to be able to encapsulate that one’s problems may be viewed as a learning curve allows problem solving to reach higher levels. It helps one to link into different thought processes and perceptions, one that is not governed by the on goings of an out of control ego mind, that seems to focus on all the negative possible outcomes that may or may not come about. This is what drives anxiety, stress, worries, and fears.  It helps one to let go of the ‘what if’ scenarios. It brings acceptance of whatever situation one finds them self and with this non-resistance one is able to move through whatever  is happening with much more ease and pace. Resistance blocks the flow of energy aka life, what you resist will persist. Making this Lepidolite Sphere a great panacea for those that find it hard to assimilate their current circumstances.

Lepidolite’s content of lithium presents one with a soothing energetic balm that aides those with frayed nerves, mood swings, despondency,  depression, obsessive thoughts, bringing serenity and calm. Allowing one to let go of concerns, it helps one to relax and enjoy the life, instilling a state of zen, one is able to enter each moment with more presence bringing more appreciation and one more closer to their enlightenment. Its ability to help one to surrender to the moment is such a precious gift one soon realizes that all we have is this moment.

As a transitional crystal it assists in removing old pattern’s of behaviour helping to induce change, one becomes more independent with the ability to stand within their own space without being influenced by others.  It brings balance to both our emotional and mental states. Harmonizing, its vibrations helps us to embody a stronger, stable emotional centre that brings one firmer foundations, so when one is met with upheaval our self mastery brings fast effective action.

Weight – 177 grams

Dimensions Approximately  – 5 cm  x  5 cm  x  5 cm

HEALTH – This Lepidolite sphere  may help to alleviate stress, fear, worry, depression, despondency, obsessive thought, addictions, insomnia, nightmares – may help with bi-polar, ADHD , affective disorders – good for children especially those that are sensitive – hyperactivity- relieves allergies, strengthens immune function – restructures DNA –  relieves exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease – numbs sciatica and neuralgia – overcomes joint problems – detoxes the skin and connective tissue – menopause – treats illness caused by sick building  syndrome or computer stress – calming – anorexia – stimulates intellect and analytic qualities – improves concentration – speeds up decision making – brings deep emotional healing – dispels negative thoughts, including envy and resentment – helps with fears of the unknown and about the future –

PROTECTION – This Lepidolite Sphere helps to protect against electromagnetic pollution – place by computer shields against detrimental vibrations – dissipates negativity

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – enhances the generation of negative ions – clears energetic blockages – activates and opens the  throat, heart, third eye and crown centres – brings cosmic awareness – stone aids shamanic or spiritual journeying – access to Akashic records – tunes you into other past lives that is causing a blockage in this life – can take you into the future –  spiritual purification – clears chakra and meridian  blockages – good for meditation – helps to slow one’s thoughts assisting one to live in the moment.

References –

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