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Tourmalinated Quartz Skull


Wow. Holding this Tourmalinated Quartz skull creates a sensation of flicking through many different dimensional realms, much like using a remote control to pick a channel to view. So vast, once aligned one is open to receive much knowledge and wisdom.

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Crystal skulls are known to hold much wisdom and this tourmalinated Quartz skull is no different. Quite powerful it allows one to entrain with its vibration, opening one to the world of dimensional travel. Resembling a book holding much knowledge as one leaf’s through its pages it opens one to receiving many insights. This skull however, working on an energetic level allows one to enter a world of different frequencies and dimensions, flicking through these many diverse realms until one becomes coherent enough to enable downloading to take place.

Such an amazing blend of crystals combining the grounding, purative and protective energies of tourmaline with a high frequency Quartz. It can only but amplify the energies found within making it a great tool for psychic protection ensuring negative energy is kept at bay. It has the ability to cleanse one’s energy field allowing it to return to a once again pristine state. Furthermore, this combination of crystals radiates all light frequencies from the lowest to the highest ensuring a complete auric energetic recharge. Safe guarding against stagnancy of energetic flow and blockages, it helps to maintain all subtle bodies in tip top condition allowing one to ascend to higher levels of growth and awareness.

This tourmalinated Quartz skull can also be used as a meditative tool. Supporting one to ground into the energies of Mother Earth one may now enter the higher realms and be well protected gaining insights and awareness to support the ever evolving soul.

HEALTH – promotes general well-being – clear thinking – helps to purify bodies from substance abuse -master healer – can be used for any condition – stimulates immune system – balances body – excellent for soothing burns – gain clarity – aids concentration – unlocks memory

PROTECTION – ideal for psychic protection – keeps negative forces at bay

SPIRITUAL – ascension to higher levels of awareness – cleanses and repairs auric field – clears blockages and moves stagnancy – spurs spiritual growth – grounding

Sourced – Brazil

Weight – 70gm

Dimensions – 35mm  x  50mm  x  25mm

References –

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Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Tourmaline