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Tourmaline Specimen


This Tourmaline specimen sourced from Paraiba is nothing other than an amped up security system providing one protection on all levels.

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This Tourmaline specimen contains an amazing blend of crystals. Combining the grounding, purative and protective energies of the black Tourmaline with a high frequency quartz matrix. It can only but amplify the energies found within making it a great tool for psychic protection. Ensuring negative energy is kept at bay, it acts like a vacuum cleaner clearing oneself and one’s surroundings from any negativity.

This combination also radiates all light frequencies from the lowest to the highest ensuring a complete auric energetic recharge. Safeguarding against stagnancy of energetic flow and blockages. It helps to maintain all subtle bodies in tiptop condition.  Allowing one to ascend to a higher level of growth and awareness.

A great little rock to have at work or at home it will ensure your space is kept clear and clean. I truly love its capacity to help one to ground into Mother Earths energy which is particularly needed at this time with the ascending energies. This action supports the nervous system and the many adverse symptoms that present when one is not grounded such as stress and anxiety. By plugging in we are doing ourselves a great service, allowing one to become present in every moment.

HEALTH –  this Tourmaline specimen enables purification of toxins and wastes – supports cleansing of heavy metals and environmental pollutants from the body – addresses obsessive or compulsive disorders – helps with stress, worry and anxiety

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – spurs purification on all levels to support elevation of consciousness

PROTECTION – this Tourmaline specimen is one of the best stones for protection against psychic attack or any form of negativity

Sourced – Paraiba, Brazil

Weight – 130gm

Dimensions Approximately  – 50mm  x  60mm  x  40mm

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Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 6 cm
Crystal Type

Quartz, Tourmaline, Tourmaline Black