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April 11, 2018
June 11, 2018
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Moldavite speciman

Moldavite –

 Another one of my favourite stones. This gloriously green gem vibrates at an exceptionally high frequency, catapulting one into the depths of the cosmos at a lightening speed.

There is a quandary regarding its origin, many theories have been put forth. The most favoured hypothesis suggests a meteorite impact that happened more than 14.8 million years ago. Slamming into the planet Earth, it became embedded within her rocky structure. So forceful was the collision that it has been suggested, melding of the contents of the meteorite reached way into her core. Considered to be of terrestrial origin the severity of the impact encompassed a cascade of events, including the return expulsion of molten rock back into the atmosphere at massive proportions.

Findings and use of Moldavite dates back pre – history. In fact, considered as a talisman, the Neolithic people wore Moldavite back nearly 25,000 years ago. This glassy looking crystal comes in varying shades of green from a dark, dark forest green to lighter, paler shade’s, some with even tinges of brown. Its main constituents include a collective mixture of silicon dioxide and various metal oxides such as iron and aluminium. A feature that helps one to distinguish the genuine from the fakes in the glassy type specimens, are worm like inclusions of ‘lechatelierite’. This is most apparent in the images included in this article. But is a lot more difficult to ascertain with the chunkier darker types or the faceted forms.

Moldavite specimen


But most significantly I would like to conjure the idea of not only is it a product of terrestrial material and thus renders it a reliable source of cosmic wisdom, but also the fact that this amazing stone has resided within Mother Earth through many, many ages, including key moments in the planets evolution. Can you not even but imagine what this magical stone has to offer and share. Too wonderous to even consider. But I will attempt to touch the surface of what elements and uses we can gain by interacting and resonating with this stone. In most cases it’s an individual journey, opening your awareness to untold wonders and growth toward a pathway that allows one to awaken to the mystery of ‘all that is.’

Example of Moldavite as a faceted gem.

I would like to begin by first sharing the possibility of your first encounter with this crystal.  Once ready, somehow through the initial calling that is very much unheard at an audible level, you soon discover that ‘I must have this stone’. Then the seeking begins until you find the one for you. Unlike any other crystal, your first meeting will initiate a grand gelling of energies, that may be described as a flushing or a rush. Crazy as it sounds once you hold this precious gem some feel an intense energy within their hands causing tingling and heat like sensations. Soon to travel throughout the whole body creating a flush like feeling as the vibrations flood every square inch of your being with intense pulsations. Be mindful though its energies may be just too intense so handling or wearing it may need to be a gradual, slow process to avoid possible symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, or even hot flushes. I know my first experience with Moldavite, was a mind blowing event. My whole body pulsated with such a force it will be something I will never forget.

Moldavite is a powerful transformational stone. That works at a rapid speed. So powerful it stimulates a whole host of catalytic activity, propelling one onto the path of spiritual growth and expansion. An important aspect to initiate such action includes its ability to target and descend first into areas where there is a blockage or stagnation of energy. Once cleared it tends to begin the process of resonating with the rest of the energetic system. It’s extremely high vibration acts as a precursor in creating the shift that one makes toward the ascension process.

Aligning and opening chakra centres, its interplay with one’s energetic blueprint tends to heighten one’s spiritual vitality and could be considered accountable for speeding up the whole process towards realising one’s spiritual destiny.

Once Moldavite enters your world, a whole host of things start to happen. Shaking everything up, you may find yourself changing jobs, moving house, or even suffering a relationship break-up. Whatever is not aligned with your journey will slip away allowing the new to enter.

An increase of synchronicities begins to appear, what a great sign signalling you are on the right track. Its stimulation of opening the crown chakra opens one up to receiving higher spiritual guidance. One can quite easily commune with one’s higher self, guides, extra-terrestrials, Ascended Masters, cosmic messengers. It essentially opens you right up, initiating a shift in your state of consciousness, by basically dialling it up by quite a few notches.

No wonder your dreams may now become more vivid and meaningful. Meditations are enhanced, especially if placed on third eye, visions are very common. The ability to step back into the past or enter the future to gain spiritual wisdom is so easy. This time travel and interdimensional access is part and parcel of entraining with this magical stone. It’s not unusual to undergo healings on any or every level. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. In fact, its properties allow one to become aware of both the cause and source of illness, then plays a role in its release and healing process.

Moldavite has a great affinity with the heart space and may quicken the process of awakening to its intelligence. Its through this centre that one has the power to connect with ‘all that is’. It perceives all and through this channel one has the potential to create change and alter reality.

My, my its intensity to create such changes in ones’ world, one must be ready to enter deep to allow illumination of fears, blocks and shadows that will eventually surface during this whole process. Once one becomes aware and fully honours what has been dredged up, you can now finally step forward with its release allowing more light to enter your light body vehicle.

A stone that offers spiritual protection. It will shield against any form of negativity, disallowing any form of attachment to adhere to the auric field or even enter the field. In fact, it will create a vacuum bringing in event or people that will play a pivotal role in supporting one’s evolutionary progress.

So my dear guardians,  if one is ready to take flight and enter the realms of transformation, let Moldavite  be your guide. My only heeding is to consider using a grounding stone such as Hematite or Smoky Quartz in conjunction with its use.  Grounding is most important to eliminate any possible spaciness or dizziness which may present when entraining with this most magnificent green gem.

If I have gained your interest in owing one of these precious gems we have Moldavite in store presently.  You certainly will not be on this plane for long wearing any of these gorgeous pieces. We  have a couple of Moldavite rings –  Moldavite ring, Moldavite Ring  and quite a few different pendants, there is bound to be one for you – Moldavite pendant,  Moldavite pendants, Moldavite Pendant.

At the moment Moldavite is quite difficult to get as the demand has sky-rocketed. Unfortunately we are unable to supply pieces at this point of time.


Moldavite raw specimen





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