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Moldavite Pendant


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Spurring activation, this Moldavite pendant brings with it a whirlwind of change.


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Such a spectacular piece, this Moldavite pendant invites one to enter its anatomy to become one with its entrainment. A meteorite that crashed into the earth more than 14.8 million years ago, it holds untold wisdom and is truly a gift for the awakening being ready to shift into a new mode of experience.

Creating a body flush, it makes itself known, flooding one’s being with an energy so brazen, one becomes immediately aware of a union that has been established between both stone and spirit. This commune begins the process of realigning one’s blueprint and proceeds with a flurry of changes that need to take place to enable one to enter into a sphere of transformation, awakening one to rapid spiritual awareness and growth.

Distinct in itself, it holds the reputation of being a stone that offers a bounty of metaphysical properties. Uniting one with its vibrations opens one to an onslaught of transmutation that enables one to let go of the old, limiting patterns and beliefs. Laying bare your deepest darkest fears creates a breakthrough in aligning with a new reality that offers a transitional leap into the infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

Opening and activating all chakra centres, it proceeds in cleansing and clearing blockages. Ensuing a more aligned state one begins to experience crazy outcomes that come out of no where but with speed and succession. Job and or relationship changes, one may move house, increase in significant syncronicities, lucid and more meaningful dreaming. It may open the door to communicate with spirit guides, and other cosmic beings. It can initiate healings and purging’s on all levels, including the physical, emotional or spiritual. Psychic channels are prized open for one to delight in their discovery, there is no limitation to what this glorious green stone can do.

So, take heed, this Moldavite pendant will kick start a rapid activation and once started there is no turning back.

Source – Czech  Republic

Weight – 11gm

Dimensions Approximately – 40mm  x  25mm  x  11mm

PROTECTION – this Moldavite pendant will provide spiritual protection when one is aligned with the frequencies of this stone, neither negative energies or entities can attach or connect within one’s auric field

SPIRITUAL – activation & transformation – communion with guides, ascended masters & other cosmic beings – opens psychic channels – expanded awareness – rapid spiritual growth – powerful tool for meditation & dreamwork – induces vivid and visionary inner experiences – allows one to merge with the guidance from one’s higher self – great for sensitive people who find it difficult on this planet – gain insights in relation to one’s incarnations purpose other than experience and how to integrate this into one’s earthly life

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver.  The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.  Chain not included.

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