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Agate Druzy Clear Quartz Pendant

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Simply stunning this Agate Druzy Clear Quartz pendant provides one with a duo of minerals that brings many gifts to its wearer.

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Simply stunning this Agate Druzy Clear Quartz pendant provides one with a duo of minerals that brings many gifts to its wearer. Definitely a statement piece, don’t be surprised by the amount of attention that draws one to these crystals.

A great combination that not only clears the auric field with a powerful cleansing action it helps to eliminate and transform negative energies. The Agate’s properties are further enhanced by the amplifying effect stimulated by the Clear Quartz point found nestled within this trio design. As a Master Healer, the Clear quartz frequency targets areas that are requiring the therapeutic touch.

It provides an anchoring effect into the Earth, this grounding and centring is none other than a bonus that brings stability and ensures a harmonious balance that co-exists on both an emotional and physical level. It provides a soothing, calming quality with a medicinal effect for those wanting to treat past traumas. Helping to dissolve tension it stimulates a greater sense of security and safety and an inner strength.

Both stones alike have the ability to raise one’s consciousness, inciting both spiritual growth and awareness it encourages acceptance of the self, bringing one to unite with the stillness. Crystals with a blue hue tend to target the throat centre, clearing this channel Agate with its love of truthfulness, serves to inspire one to speak their own truth.

This Agate Druzy Clear Quartz pendant provides an ally that not only supports growth of confidence and enhanced mental function and a change in perception, it  may open the door so that one may enter the threshold that allows one to view beyond the veil. Bringing hidden truths and information to light.

Weight –  9gm

Dimensions Approximately – 5cm  x  1.7cm  x  .6cm

HEALTH – This Agate Druzy Clear Quartz pendant will help to soothe and calm – acceptance of one self – builds self-confidence – improves mental function – spurs greater concentration – improves analytical abilities – dissolves inner tension – heals past emotional traumas – brings strength and stability – place on the heart will heal emotional disease that prevents acceptance of love – stimulates the digestive process – relieves gastritis – heals the eyes, stomach and uterus – cleanse the lymphatic system and the pancreas – strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders – Clear Quartz master healer, targets areas requiring healing – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance – aides concentration & memory –  soothes burns – improves clarity on all levels – stimulates growth of hair and fingernails – stimulates nervous system – can help remove adhesions within connective tissue – regulates blood pressure, oxygenation of tissue, regeneration of cells – energetically strengthens metabolism, blood vessels, elasticity of joints & connective tissue – anti-flammatory, removes heat -removes toxins – balances the mind

PROTECTION – Clear Quartz – protects against radiation

SPIRITUAL – Agate – grounding – changes perception – increases consciousness and awareness – inspires spiritual growth and development – brings inner knowing about health – brings hidden information to light – unites with the oneness of life – links into the collective consciousness – cleanses the auric field –Clear Quartz – harmonizes, cleanses and clears all chakra centres & subtle bodies – enhances psychic abilities – spurs intuition- improves meditation – connects one with guides – opens one to interdimensional travel – enhances past life recall – expands consciousness – dissolves karmic seeds – expands your bio magnetic field – makes dreams more vivid – balances polarity – removes blockages – transmutes negativity – detoxes emotional field

This Made in Earth Design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain is not included in price. If a chain is required please click on link to purchase the one pictured in image.


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Weight 0.009 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1.7 × .6 cm
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Agate, Clear Quartz, Quartz

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