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Citrine Double-Terminated Crystals
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Amethyst Cluster


Extremely powerful, this Amethyst Cluster offers many gifts including protection, purification and healing energy to its guardian. Allowing one to slip into states of higher consciousness it brings growth, serenity and the enhancement of the many spiritual gifts.

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Over flowing with such a divine energy, this Amethyst cluster spurs one to become quite lucid under its influence. Weighing just over 3 kilograms it most definitely is an ally for those seeking to open up to all that is, this  powerful stone provides one with all the tools required to undertake the journey that one seeks. The one that allows a transition to take place in one’s spiritual growth.

Such a powerful protector both on this plane and others it provides a shield against any form of negativity, transforming the energy to a positive vibration brings about a space that is clear and vibrant of form. One is well guarded against entities or any attachments which is particularly useful when one is starting to open to what’s beyond the veil.

Purifying, it helps one to purge what needs to go, addressing every level of being. Whether it be the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The Divine connection that is made allows an infusion of high frequency light to enter and provide the link to connect one with guidance from higher realms. It is of no wonder that stimulation of enhanced intuition, psychic abilities, and expanded awareness all becomes a part of one’s new life. One that is spurred through a transitional phase of awakening to a reality that suggests one is living an illusion.

Be ready for the ride, this Amethyst cluster not only offers one an entry point into living a life geared toward elevating one’s spiritual growth and development, but brings about a space that enables one to coalesce within a frequency of divine purpose.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 3.039kg

Dimensions Approximately – 25cm  x  15cm  x  10.5cm

HEALTH – boosts hormone production – attunes endocrine system – cleanses & strengthens eliminating organs & immune system – great blood cleanser – relieves emotional, physical & psychological pain or stress – eases headaches – treats insomnia – reduces bruising, swellings & injuries – treats hearing disorders – heals lungs & respiratory conditions – aides skin disorders – cellular dysfunction – digestive tract disorders – removes parasites – helps regulate gastrointestinal flora

PROTECTION – protects and blocks geopathic stress – guards against psychic attack – against negative environmental energies – places a cloak of protection against entities and attachments

SPIRITUAL – instils higher states of consciousness – opens intuition – enhances psychic gifts – improves meditation – place on third eye for scrying – sleeping with it can facilitate out of body experiences – opens awareness

References –

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 11 cm
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