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Citrine Double-Terminated Crystals


Citrine Double-Terminated crystals are a great tool with many applications. Used in healing, it helps to clear, cleanse and align all the chakra centres.

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Citrine Double-Terminated crystals are a great addition to anyone’s collection. Known for its powerful cleansing properties, Citrine brings with it regeneration. Supporting life on every level, it has many applications, great for healing, energy grids, moving energy, even telepathic communication just to name a few.

Taking a look at its profile, it is a stone that absorbs, transmutes, dispels and grounds negative energy. It is one of those few stones that never needs to be cleansed, very protective of the auric field it helps to clear, cleanse and align all the chakra centres.

Particularly due to its shape you simply lay down and place the crystal on the solar plexus with the points in alignment with the spine. Quite powerful in its action you can actually feel the energy pulsate throughout your body, including improved portal blood flow, which confirms it ability to not only move energy on the subtle level within the meridians and chakra centres, but also on the physical level through the circulatory system and most probable the lymphatic system as well. One comes away from this treatment with an all over tingle that seems to last long after the alignment and cleansing process. Its consequence of uniting both the physical with the subtle bodies, brings about a balancing effect that reverberates down the line establishing the premise for optimal health.

A prime stone for the solar plexus its vibration creates a impetus for one to unlock the centre of the will. Our power centre, boosting both one’s confidence and self-esteem allows one to move beyond the fear and doubt into the realm of unlimited determination, motivation, where one is open to self- expression. It is a stone of manifestation, targeting of the sacral region, the womb of creation opens one to the act of creation. So when one is under the care of Citrine its dual action on these centres places one on the threshold of manifestation and provides the kick-start to get you going and to make sure you see things through.

These Citrine Double-Terminated crystals are a must have for those that have lost touch with their power centre. It enables one to reconnect with their intuition, their prime guidance system, now activated is a most useful tool in navigating one’s journey.

Source – Brazil

Dimensions Approximately – ranges –¬† length 6cm upwards – Width – 2cm upwards

HEALTH – Citrine Double-Terminated crystals are beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – stimulates digestion supporting both the spleen and pancreas – neutralizes infections in both the bladder and kidneys – improves circulation – activates thymus gland – balances thyroid – protects nervous system – useful for constipation & cellulite – alleviates depression, fears, anger – instils a state of calm – energizers – brings one joy – reverses degenerative diseases – helps with menopause alleviates symptoms such as hot flushes, balances the hormones and alleviates fatigue – increases mental clarity & concentration – beneficial for depression, low self-esteem & confidence – detoxing & cleansing – balances emotions

PROTECTION – protects auric field

SPIRITUAL – opens intuition – aligns subtle bodies with the physical – activates crown centre

References –

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