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Ammonite Ring


The mystical spirals of this Ammonite ring offers one entry into the magical presence of cosmic structure.

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This Ammonite ring holds the magic of the geometrical blueprint for life itself. A fossil, that lived in the seas more than 240 – 65 million years ago, it endured at least three catastrophic events during its evolution before finally submitting to extinction along with the dinosaurs during the Jurassic age. It is of no wonder that this precious gift not only offers one great survival instincts and insights but encourages great problem-solving skills.

So sacred is the spiral, this Ammonite ring displays the golden mean in its perfection. Conforming to geometrical codes, its structure presents one with an influential energy pattern that symbolises the unravelling of life’s mysteries. Displaying the structure of the cosmos, one can enter into a relationship with these underlying measurements of perfection bringing about a resonance that provides harmonic balance to one’s own energetic fabric of design.

During its growth pattern within the shell, the Ammonite would evolve and enter a new chamber of being, this would continue in this manner, with the old chambers being closed off and used for buoyancy. Representing one’s own evolution and ascension, it provides one with encouragement and support as the cycle of life is undertaken. It provides one with a deeper meaning regarding the interconnectedness that surrounds us, and the symbiotic relationship that coexists with all that is. The continual action of moving from chamber to chamber in a spiral fashion may describe the action of one entering into the inner workings of the self.

Found deep within its chambers are the mysteries of the cosmos. One may enter and coalesce with this ancient knowledge and wisdom from a fossil that has lain bear upon Gaia for eons. Opening one to the sacredness of what is, enables one to infuse and grasp comprehension of what may be revealed when meditating with this stone.

Ring Size – 9  (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing of rings is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Weight – 15gm

Dimensions Approximately – 25mm  x  25mm  x  30mm

HEALTH –  promotes a state of well-being – stimulates life force –  provides survival instinct & insights – spurs great problem solving skills – increases stamina & vitality –  assists with blood pressure issues – problems with ears, lungs & degenerative disorders – may help with depression

PROTECTION –  a history of being used as an amulet providing protection – spirals negative energy away

SPIRITUAL – harmonically brings one into balance – access to ancient wisdom – brings comprehension to the state of interconnectedness with all – opens the psychic ear – Karmic cleansing – activates metaphysical gifts – spurs Kundalini – spurs change & evolution

This Made in Earth ring have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.


References & Resources –

Hall, J 2005, The Crystal Bible, Goldsfield Press, China



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