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Ammonite Sphere


Holding the essence of the eons, this Ammonite Sphere brings one closer to the long held wisdom of the ages, access to this information is just but a step away.

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I fell in love with this Ammonite sphere as soon as I saw it. It seemed to yell out ‘you need to take me’.  Holding a resonance that inspires metaphysical gifts, their activation is no mistake. A stone that holds the wisdom of eons, it presents one with an orb that allows access to not only the Akashic records but also access to information regarding the past, present and future.

It seems to activate one’s personal power as well, which is felt instantly when first holding the sphere during the entrainment process of  connecting with its vibration. Maybe thats why it feels so good. Placing you in a space where  negativity is converted into a free flowing positive vibe may also be another factor of bringing one into states reminiscent of contentment.

The Ammonite sphere has the depths of taking one deep within their core. Considering its vibrational signature representing the full circle, it is a most useful tool for those seeking re-birthing. Helping to cleanse any karmic debris this stone carries one’s soul path encoded within its structure providing the impetus of helping one to remember what they are here for.

The Ammonite sphere brings structure and with that clarity. A simulator of life force it is most helpful in supporting one’s well being. Spurring kundalini, supporting survival instincts it makes a great ally for those interested in inter-dimensional travel and exploration. Considered by the Feng Shui masters to be a most fortunate stone, bringing with it wealth, health, vitality and happiness, makes it a great addition to anyone’s home or place of business.

Weight – 178 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 5.5cm  x  5.5cm  x  5.5cm

HEALTH – spurs well-being – provides life force – improves clarity – relieves birth trauma that interferes with the craniosacral flow – helpful in all craniosacral work – longevity – helpful with cell metabolism, depression, labour pain, osteomyelitis, osteitis and tinnitus – stabilizes the pulse – helps to overcome degenerative disorders – supports the cranium, ears, lungs and limbs

SPIRITUAL – spurs kundalini – cleanses karmic debris – placed on third eye releases mental obsessions & past life soul imperatives – supports inter-dimensional travel – enhances self empowerment – activates metaphysical powers – converts negative energy to positive

References –

Hall, Judy, 2009., ‘The Crystal Bible 2’, Goldfields Publishing, China

Eason, Cassandra., 2010. ‘The New Crystal Bible’, Carlton Books P/L, London

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Weight 0.208 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm
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