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Aventurine Obelisks


Our new stock of Aventurine Obelisks brings one to make union with a stone that offers many gifts, one includes states of positivity.

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Our new stock of Aventurine Obelisks brings one to make union with a stone that offers the gift of positivity. Adept in its effects of dissolving negative thoughts and emotions, this mineral combo with its green hue helps to balance and stabilize one’s state of mind.  Gifting one with an overall harmonizing effect it brings one to regain physical well-being and emotional calmness.

Allowing one to pursue things that brings one to step out of their comfort zone, it brings confidence, leadership qualities, decisiveness, integrity and perseverance.  Helping to manage emotional states of anger, fear and irritation, it brings one to align with more compassion and empathy.

Not so surprising like most green stones as too Adventurine tends to make a bee line for the heart centre. It is here where one is gifted with a vibration of providing a strong healing effect. Both protecting and healing the heart one is supported and comforted by a stone that is considered to be the most luckiest of them all. Renown to bring prosperity it is a great diffuser of negative situations.

Protective against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution they provide one with an effective tool that shields against the detrimental emanations emitted by mobiles phones, computers and such. Gridding also around the home and garden is most useful against geopathic stress. Helps to remove hooks and reattachment from past relationships and loss of energy through energy vampires.

If one is searching a stone that will align them with joyful expectations then the Adventurine Obelisk is certainly a great choice.

Weight – on average 65 to 75 grams

Dimensions Approximately – on average 7 cm  x 2.5 cm  x 2.5 cm

HEALTH – brings physical well-being – ameliorates fear – heart healer – useful with malignant conditions – settles nausea – brings emotional calm – relieves stammers and neurosis – calms anger and irritation – regulates growth from birth to seven years – encourages regeneration of the heart – benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system – balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism – lowers cholesterol & preventing arteriosclerosis & heart attacks – increases fertility

PROTECTION – against EMF emissions – grid for geopathic stress – dissolves negative situations – guards against psychic vampirism of heart energy

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – promotes compassion and empathy – takes you back into the past to find the source of dis-ease – stimulates perception – connected to the Devic realms – balances female-man energy


References –

Hall, Judy, 2018,  ‘Crystal Companion,’ Octopus Publishing, China

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Additional information
Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm
Crystal Type

Adventurine, Green Adventurine

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