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Celestite Egg


Creating a space of total calm, this Celestite Egg allows one to enter a realm of peace and serenity.

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This Celestite Egg holds a very high frequency and yet imparts its vibration in the most soft, serene manner. Almost like its gently lulling you into a total state of calm. It is of no surprise that its vibration attracts the angelic realm, allowing one to both commune with the angels and or one’s own spirit guides.

Raising one’s consciousness to higher levels, it assists one’s spiritual growth, urging one toward enlightenment. Stimulating to both the third eye and crown centres, it assists one in opening to their higher senses to perceive both  psychic and intuitive information. Bringing one closer into alignment with divine guidance.

A great stone, with so many benefits, it can be used to quell stress, disperse worries and eliminate fiery emotions.  It improves clarity of mind, communication and promotes mental balance.

This Celestite Egg is perfect to place in areas such as a meditation space, healing room or bedroom, allowing its heightening vibrations to radiate in all directions, it will help to both cleanse the surrounding environment filling the space with its gloriously soft, positive energy.

Please note: stand not included.

Source – Madagascar

Weight – 343 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 7.5cm  x  5.5cm  x  4.5cm

HEALTH – dissolves pain – treats disorders of the eye & ears – eliminates toxins – relaxes muscle tension – calms mental torment – brings coherence to chaotic cellular disorder – sulfate content helps to clear infections – activate metabolism – calms & sharpens the mind – brings one peace – calming – reduces stress & worry  –

SPIRITUAL – opening and clearing the third eye & crown centres  – cleanses auric field – out of body experiences – scrying tool – clairvoyance – dream recall – connection with higher guidance – increases consciousness – opens one to the angelic realms – stimulation of spiritual growth






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Weight 0.343 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 4.5 cm
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