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Chalcedony Cluster


The Chalcedony cluster brings a vibration that spurs joy and optimism, enhancing one’s creative pursuits, it allows for the entry of divine love.

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When one is seeking a stone that brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul then one needs to consider this Chalcedony cluster. Its vibration brings nurturance, helping to relieve despondency, one steps into states of joy and enthusiasm for life. Bringing one to delve with attitudes of optimism and gratitude it is no wonder that it has the capacity to absorb negative energy transmuting their vibes.

Chalcedony targets the heart space, gently prying it open, it allows the entry of divine love. Softening the harshness one becomes aligned with a resonance that nourishes the soul and inspires the expression of love through the conception of creative forms. It is the clarity of mind that it instils that brings forth the ability to achieve great strides in one’s creative pursuits.

A stone that invigorates one with more energy and more zest, its vibration can be used in providing a harmonizing effect that promotes fellowship and altruism, providing the impetus of enhancing  group stability. So if need be you  can pop this little fellow within a space at work or within a group situation and let its vibration do the rest. 

This gorgeous sparkly specimen of chalcedony not only eases self-doubt, it has the capacity to absorb negative thoughts and emotions. A great aide for those that have bad dreams, the Chalcedony cluster proves to be a great choice for those seeking to enhance their skills in thought transmission via telepathy.

Weight – 415gm

Dimensions Approximately – 13cm x 8cm x 3.5cm

HEALTH – powerful cleanser – great for open sores – fosters maternal instinct – increases lactation – improves mineral assimilation – combats mineral build-up in veins – lessons the effects of dementia and senility – increases physical energy – heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system – balances the emotions – reduces depression – great stone for insomnia particularly presenting in pregnant women, children and babies – used for nightmares, sleep disturbances and fears of dentists, surgery or child birth – soothing to crying, colicky babies – good for headaches – good for dairy product allergies – healthy growth of milk, second and wisdom teeth, protects teeth during pregnancy

SPIRITUAL – absorbs negative energy – enhances thought transmission and telepathy – opens the heart space to receive divine love

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