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Chrysocolla Heart


Holding a strong vibration, this Chrysocolla Heart makes itself known with a rapid energy transfer as it starts to implode your own.

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Holding a strong vibration, this Chrysocolla heart makes itself known with a rapid energy transfer as it starts to implode your own. Intense as it seems this entrainment shifts one into a reassuring stature, recalibrating one into a more coherent state one becomes aligned with one’s higher guidance making this union a great catalyst in moving forward with one’s growth toward higher consciousness. When one becomes aware of the light held within it seems to awaken one from the life of illusion, where the ego has taken the reigns for so long this Chrysocolla heart attunes one to who they truly are.

Acceptance of this vibration allows changes to be made within our energetic bodies which helps us to encapsulate a retuning, inspiring trust in the self one becomes more self-empowered, gaining inner strength and a great sense of confidence. This Chrysocolla Heart becomes an ally for those seeking entry into facilitating one’s full self – expression of sharing one’s innate wisdom, its target and clearance of the throat centre allows for one to fully engage and employ improved communication on any level. The ability to vocalise one’s thoughts with fluent dialogue makes this stone a great choice for those that speak for a living.

Its inclusion of quartz fasts tracks its properties, which is why you will feel such an intense resonance when first working with this stone. Its ability to draw off negativity, induce calms states and cleansing, clearing and reactivating the chakra centres brings about a union within the universal flow of energy.  Are you ready for the ride?

Source – Peru

Weight – 107gm

Dimensions Approximately –  6.5cm  x  4.5cm  x  2.5cm

HEALTH – inner strength – empowering – confidence – shuns negativity – heals heartache – overcomes phobias – reduces mental tensions – alleviates guilt – brings joy – treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle cramps/spasms, the digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders, lung problems – detoxes the kidneys, liver & intestines – re-oxygenates the blood & the cellular structure of the lungs gaining greater lung capacity and improves breathing – regenerates pancreas – regulates insulin – soothes burns – reduces mental tension – calming – spurs life force increasing vitality – releases stress and anxiety or any other fear related imbalances in the body – regulates the thyroid and adrenals – excellent for sore throats – laryngitis – supports the larynx

SPIRITUAL – one may channel wisdom from higher sources – improves meditation – aligns one with their higher self – calms, cleanses and activates all chakras aligning them with divine flow – reverses negative programming – opens psychic vision – encourages self-awareness

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Hall, J 2011, 101 Power Crystals, Fair Winds Press, USA

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California



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