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Garnet Ring


Seeking a stone to meet the chaotic times that we are now experiencing, look no further this Garnet ring brings one to meet challenges head on.

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There is so much to say about the benefits of Garnet, from an empowering stone that has the capacity to cleanse, rejuvenate and energize, its ability to heighten one’s awareness and spur higher levels of consciousness, making this Garnet ring a great allay for those seeking support during these testing times.

Most supportive and encouraging it allows one to meet challenges head on, creating a coherent space where chaos seems to dwell it is most useful when all seems disordered and turbulent with no sign of light ahead. It is the groundedness that it induces that helps to strengthen one’s resolution and ability to ignite one’s courage to move forward. A stone that stimulates the root chakra, helping to fortify one’s survival skills, it is most adept of providing the footing when one requires assistance, when all seems hopeless.

Used as talisman in times of old it was said that this crystal, the Garnet was most protective, linked with magical power and its connection with the Angelic realms, it had the capacity to warn one of danger that may be up ahead.

Entrusting one with self – confidence, it brings balance to the mind, to the emotions and to the body. Aligning one with a vibration that conjures inspiration of love, commitment and devotion, it bestows one with a primary tool of prosperity and abundance, that allows one to create through their imagination bringing forth manifestation of one’s dreams to exist within the planes of the third dimension.

The shape of the dual Garnet stones brings an enhancement of energy flow. Being one who loves the symmetry of the triangle, it offers one portal entries if one wishes to enter the gateways provided by these stones.

Ring Size – 6.5 (Ring Size Chart)

Weight  – 2gm

Dimensions Approximately – 2.6cm  x  1.3cm

HEALTH – This Garnet ring is re-energizing and may increase vitality – balances sex drive – alleviates emotional disharmony – brings courage and hope – opens the heart – grounding – spurs inner confidence – regenerates the body – stimulates metabolism – treats spinal and cellular disorders – purifies and re-energizes the blood, heart and lungs – regenerates  DNA – helps to assimilate minerals and vitamins -traditionally an antidote to poisons and calmed fevers –

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – cleanses and re-energizes the chakras – stimulates the controlled rise of the Kundalini energy – stimulates pituitary gland – heightens perceptions and awareness – expands consciousness – good for past life recall place on third eye –  links within Angelic Realms –

This Garnet Ring is a Made in Earth Design that has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.


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