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January 31, 2021
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Iolite Bracelet


Such a gorgeous violet-blue colour, this Iolite Bracelet embraces the purity of unlocking the lost parts of oneself when one delves deep into the psyche.

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Such a gorgeous violet-blue colour, this Iolite Bracelet embraces the purity of unlocking the lost parts of oneself. Allowing one to enter into the psyche the unconscious becomes known, helping to unravel the deeply embedded wounds, fears and misplaced selves it provides one with a tool that offers many gifts, including that of healing. Another that brings union with the higher self, helping to illuminate areas where growth and development has come to a stand still. Allowing one to merge with an inner knowing one gains access to higher sources of vibration.

Activating the third eye, this Iolite bracelet  attunes one to intense levels of visionary delights. Enhancing not only the vividness but the details that one views within the minds eye. It brings one to coalesce within a consciousness that spurs ones psychic gifts to higher levels. This expanded awareness allows communion with other realms and dimensions. A stone that ignites individuality, acting on the creative side of the mind it brings to fruition  self expression surpassing the normal.

Re-energizing to the aura field, it brings calmness of mind, clearing thought forms its energy helps to embrace  positivity when times can be a bit rough. Allowing one to journey through difficult circumstances with better outcomes one is united with a stone that empowers the wearer to meet with adversity with easy solutions.

Wearing this Iolite bracelet may help to awaken the inner gifts that lay dormant within. It provides one with a tool with many varied actions. Useful for shamanic journeying, initiating and facilitating deeper mediations or out of body travel, these stones provide the impetus to support past life work,  allowing access in gaining this information. Great for tarot readers, mediums, or intuitive healers this crystals frequency has the capacity to align one with higher levels of consciousness.

Weight – 7gm

Dimensions Approximately – 20cm  x  .7cm  x  .5cmm

HEALTH – Iolite creates a strong constitution – reduces fatty deposits in the body- mitigates the effect of alcohol and supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver – treats malaria and fevers – aids the pituitary, the sinuses and the respiratory system – alleviates migraine headaches – kills bacteria – calming to the mind – supports healing of the eyes – stimulates memory – assists with sleep imbalances – overcomes co-dependency in relationships – suitable for addictions helps to release and understand the reasons behind them –

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – activates third eye – stimulates visualization and intuitive insight – connects one to their inner knowing – re-energizes auric field and aligns with subtle bodies – shamanic healing work – soul  retrieval – brings to notice where soul growth is stunted – allows for deep healing of old wounds – awakens one to inner gifts – accesses information to past life’s – connects one to higher realms – stimulating to astral bodies – facilitates meditation

A Preyas Jewellery design that has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.


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