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Lapis Lazuli Pendant


Awakening the third eye this Lapis Lazuli Pendant may help to develop and heighten intuition bringing one greater access to spiritual guidance.

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If one is seeking an ally to assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the self and the ability to relinquish the mundane and enter into an expanded awareness then this Lapis Lazuli Pendant may be the one for you.

A stone that has a particular affinity with the third eye encourages the activation of one’s psychic senses. Helping to develop and heighten intuition it brings access to spiritual guidance. Awakening the third eye one’s ability to perceive spiritual information is often presented in the form of images, this allows one to develop their visionary awareness making it an ideal stone for those interested in clairvoyance or precognition.

An added bonus is its attribute of being highly protective and its capacity to recognize psychic attack, blocking it,it then  returns the energy back to its source. A must have quality when one is dabbling within the realms including the Earth plane.

Helping to awaken to the devine self Lapis Lazuli not only empowers one but encourages one to take charge of their life. Enabling one to become aware of both their gifts and abilities as well as their limitations offers opportunities for much growth to take place.

Great for meditations, past life recall’s and dream work, Lapis Lazuli offers a bounty of gifts that assists one with enhancing their psychic abilities. Encouraging self-awareness and self expression ones’s ability to create is further enhanced through one’s deeper connection with spirit which brings relevance to the stones ability to allow one to live heaven on Earth.

Weight – 8 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 3.5 cm  x  2.3 cm

HEALTH – This Lapis Lazuli Pendant may help to alleviate pain, especially migraines headaches – overcomes depression – benefits the respiratory & nervous system, throat, larynx and thyroid – cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus & the immune system – overcomes hearing loss – purifies blood – boosts the immune system – alleviates insomnia, vertigo and lowers blood pressure – releases stress bringing deep peace – balances and harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

PROTECTION- protective stone that contacts spiritual guardians – recognizes psychic attack & blocks it returning the energy to its source

SPIRITUAL HEALTH- opens the third eye – stimulates enlightenment – enhances dream work and psychic abilities – facilitates spiritual journeying stimulating both personal & spiritual power –  reverses curses or disease caused by not speaking out in the past – brings deep inner self knowledge – encourages self awareness

This Stones and Silver Pendant have been handcrafted by using 925 Polished Sterling Silver.  The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Cord not included.

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Lapis Lazuli

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