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July 12, 2022
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Ocean Jasper Pendant


Holding the energy signature of the sea this Ocean Jasper Pendant exudes a vibrancy that connects one to the natural world.

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Holding the energy signature of the sea this Ocean Jasper Pendant exudes a vibrancy that connects one to the natural world. It encapsulates the sense of freedom, a free flowing state where one finds themselves within a space that oozes a peaceful calm resonance, allowing one to disengage from the seriousness of this 3D illusion to then bask within a sea of limitless potentials.

It inspires a back flip in one’s perceptions bringing the spot light to shine on the beauty that surrounds one, this then brings a shift to occur in where one then focuses their attention. A gift that allows one to move from aspects of ugliness and associated negativity of the world to resonate more with the more positive and pure beauty that has always been there yet has gone unnoticed, and is often hidden from view due to our mindset. In this sense the ocean jasper allows one to open their eyes to a whole new world thats nothing more than magic.

Similar to the origins of this stone its collection is limited due to its access only being made available at low tide, the rest of the time the ocean conceals them. In this sense its almost as if our world has been hidden and the essence or the vibration of the ocean jasper acts like a curtain unveiling one to the beauty that was once obscured.

With its carefree, fun loving attitude and an uplifting nature these stones bring a soothing quality that imbues tranquility and much relief from the stresses and challenges of life. It commits one to change their settings and plug into the relaxing channel viewing one’s life from a stand point of pure delight, inspired by gratitude and states of love this Ocean Jasper Pendant connects one to the wholeness of life.

Source – Madagascar

Weight – 5 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 3.2 cm  x  1.8 cm

HEALTH – brings peace – alleviates stress – brings a calming nurturing effect – clears emotional blockages – soothing to the nervous system – induces states of  tranquility – good for the digestive system – detoxifying  –  helps to ease problems associated with the thyroid gland, seasickness and inner ear disturbances – helps one to develop more patience with self and others – helps to clear emotional blockages – promotes renewal and strength – alleviates anger – helps one to cope with change – supports lymphatic drainage – eliminates toxins that cause body odour – supports immune system, circulation, debilitated internal organs, the female reproductive system, PMS – beneficial for tumors, gum infections, eczema, cysts, colds, hallucinations, insomnia, inflammations, skin disorders and bloating – all round healer

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – This Ocean Jasper pendant may help one to develop self love and empathy – stabilizes the aura – helps one to reclaim their wisdom – connected to Atlantis holding mystic knowledge with it – teaches wise use of spiritual power and will – suitable for healers and counselors

This Ocean Jasper Pendant is a Stones and Silver design that has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 1.8 cm
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Jasper, Ocean Jasper