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Larimar Pearl Pendant


Such a unique piece this stunning Larimar Pearl Pendant allows one to unite with an amalgamation of minerals that brings so many gifts.

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Such a unique piece this stunning Larimar Pearl Pendant allows one to unite with an amalgamation of minerals that brings so many gifts. Sourced from only one place on the planet, Larimar is found on an island called Hispaniola located  in the Caribbean. With its soothing action it brings peace, calm and serenity. Soothing to the emotions its entrainment allows one to feel as they are being gently rocked back and forth as if one was floating in the sea.

Empowering to women it instils the energies of the feminine, this connection with the goddess vibrations brings one into their power, once again one is united with their innate wisdom, one steps forward awakening to their inner gifts, tuning into a vibration that allows one to not only nurture the self but to love and respect who you truly are. Opening to the purpose of one’s experience, the goddess appears with a confidence and the ability to take control of one’s life. It provides the strength to shed any self imposed blockages, behaviors and boundaries that have been stunting one’s growth.

The baroque pearl seems to hold the essence of the feminine moon energy offering a nurturing effect its vibration holds the capacity to heighten one’s celestial power and intuition. Helping one to make a stronger connection within the higher realms, its origins which are closely linked to water and the ability to heal and nurture the self brings this quality to coalesce and vibrate with your own. Helping to ease emotional wounds, or traumatic events its soothing quality aides in bringing the body back into equilibrium.

A combination of stones that opens one to the newer dimensions, this Larimar Pearl Pendant  makes a great gift for those seeking attunement with higher awareness. This increase in consciousness is fully supported by the vibrations of Larimar allowing a harmonization to take place between the body and soul with the introduction of this new energy.

It provides one with an ally that supports much deeper meditations, and contact with other realms including the angelic. Most useful at this particular time in evolution, Larimar enables one to move from an ego based centred culture transitioning to the newer consciousness and awareness with the changing of times now apparent.

It brings clearance of the throat channel enabling one to speak from the heart. One’s communication style is upgraded to allow for one’s full self expression, with no holding back, making it a great stone for those that have issues with saying no or the inability to share without fear of judgement or criticism.

Weight – 11 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 5.5 cm  x  2.5 cm

HEALTH – Larimar – alleviates guilt, stress and fear – calming and soothing – helpful for bipolar – heals trauma to the heart – helpful for throat and cartilage conditions – draws out pain when held over tender spot – improves confidence and communication – cool hot tempers – unleashes the voice of one’s deeper wisdom – powerful stone for healing and nurturance –  reduces muscle tension, spasms and knots – helps treat skin conditions caused by stress like hives, eczema, and psoriasis –  great stone for mothers during and after pregnancy – alleviating post partum depression and the stress associated with new parenthood – powerful emotional cleanser -useful for those with phobias and panic attacks – relieves high blood pressure, and stress related illnesses – helpful for fever, infection and inflammation – excellent to use during colds and flu’s to help regulate mucous production, sore throat and fever –  Pearl – good for skin, nausea, biliousness, fluid imbalances, bloating, hormones, PMS , fertility, female reproductive problems and sexuality – helpful for childbirth, digestion, soft organs and tissues, growths and tumors of all kinds – helps to bring the owns body rhythms to coalesce with the natural cycles of the moon and seasons, this is also most helpful for work related burnout or stress overload and to prevent it recurring

SPIRITUAL – facilitates angelic contact – communication with other realms – removes attached entities – stimulates third eye, heart, crown and throat centres – dissolves energetic blockages within the chest, head and neck – Larimar can pin point sit of dis-ease and clears meridians of the body – unites one with the goddess energy – activates innate power – a great stone for re-birthing – expands consciousness

This Larimar Pearl Pendant is a Stones and Silver design that has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 2.5 cm
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Pearl, Larimar