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Merkaba Pendulum


Need some answers. Seek no more let this amazing Merkaba pendulum be your ally. Gifting you with the knowledge that you already hold within.

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This Merkaba Pendulum is an amazing tool which encourages one to gain answers from ones own subconscious. Acting as an extension of our own inner wisdom it brings forth the answers that we seek in a more visual pronounced manner.

Highly active, this little Quartz Merkaba pendulum is a stone that not only brings clarity on all levels, it encourages communication with ones own guides. Opening all chakras and energy channels it enables a more expansive auric field which may also spur and improve your own  psychic faculty.

If we consider its shape as a Merkaba. It is in fact a light body vehicle that allows connection and travel beyond this physical reality. Can you imagine the fun and the inter-dimensional travel that can be had with this little gemstone.

Its an amazing stone that has multiple metaphysical uses. It also be used in so many different ways not only in the capacity as a pendulum to gain access to insights to help one when one seeks a solution. But it can also be used as a healing tool. To gain information including how the energy is flowing within the chakra centres. As a mediation tool, it can be used to elevate ones conscious awareness.

Do no be limited to what this special stone can offer. It truly is a great instrument for anyone in pursuit of becoming more aware of the vast knowledge that we have access to. That is actually contained within each and everyone one of us. Do not be fooled “All is found within”.

Source – Brazil

Weight –  6gm

Dimensions Approximately – 3cm  x  2.5cm  x  2.5cm  (chain measurement excluded)

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – heightened spiritual awareness – access to light body – inter -dimensional travel – spurs psychic faculty – clarity on all levels – communication with guides

HEALTH – master healer stone – can be used for any condition – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance

This Made in Earth Merkaba Pendulum has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California.













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Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 3.4 cm
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Clear Quartz, Quartz