Apophyllite with Stillbite Inclusions
Apophyllite with Stillbite Inclusions
October 17, 2020
October 18, 2020
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Obsidian Rainbow Pyramid


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Shielding, grounding and protective, this Obsidian Rainbow Pyramid is a great tool for those seeking to integrate and heal their shadow-selves.

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With strong protective qualities, this Obsidian Rainbow Pyramid is a must have for those requiring a shield against negativity. Great for the sensitive, it blocks psychic attack and efficient at removing negative spiritual influences.

Anchoring the spirit into the body, it stimulates growth on all levels. A stone that helps one to know thyself, one that allows entry within the shadow self to help illuminate and heal old wounding and trauma. Bringing light to the shadow may not be a walk in the park, but this stone can bring great healing and awareness in a much shorter time compared to the option of undergoing the dark night of the soul. Dissolving emotional blockages, old patterns and programs, it has the capabilities of removing old hooks and cords from past loves anchored in the heart.

Cleansing and aligning all chakra centres, this Obsidian Rainbow Pyramid helps to bring clarity of mind, encouraging one to grow, and supporting and providing guidance during this process. The Obsidian has no limitations. Fast acting, without boundaries it encompasses the essence of truth, so powerful it brings forth any flaws, blockages or weaknesses to the lime light.

With its calming quality, helping to draw off mental stress and tension it is a great stone to place by the bed. Not symptomatic in its approach it allows one to become privy to the reason behind the stress so that it may be resolved. In fact this attribute of this stone is a great gift, allowing one access to the insights behind the cause of disease is truly a blessing, that is ,if one is willing to listen.

Alleviating depression or mood swings, this Obsidian Rainbow Pyramid is a great ally in bringing a vibration to help clear those emotional blockages. Spurring more optimism, it is a great elixir bringing a more zest for life.

Weight – 105gm

Dimensions Approximately – 5cm  x  5cm  x  5cm

HEALTH – this Obsidian Rainbow pyramid helps to alleviate depression and mood swings – wards of stress and tension – aides digestion of anything hard to accept and promotes physical digestion – detoxes, dissolving blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies including hardened arteries – reduces pain of arthritis, joint pains, cramps and injuries – an elixir is beneficial for shock – alleviates pain and stanches bleeding – benefits the circulation – the stone warms the extremities – helpful in shrinking the prostate gland – great for bruising, bone breaks or other tissue trauma – can be placed over the heart to stabilize during stressful times – helps to rid cellular repressed memories that may lead to disease –  calming effect –

PROTECTION – shields against negativity – absorbs negative energies from the environment – blocks psychic attack- removes negative spiritual influences – large pieces protect against geopathic stress – soaks up environmental pollution –

SPIRITUAL – gives insights to the cause of disease – scrying tool – grounding – vitalizes soul purpose – spurs growth and development guiding during the process – aligns and cleanses chakras – removes density and blockages from subtle bodies

Additional information
Weight .105 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Crystal Type

Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian

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