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September 28, 2021
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Prehnite Discs


These Prehnite Discs hold a bountiful of offerings. Their vibrations allows one to step forth within a space that brings great peace and calm

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These Prehnite Discs hold a bountiful of offerings. Their vibrations allows one to step forth within a space that brings great peace and calm. Soothing and alleviating bouts of nervous energy, restlessness and worry it brings one to enter the now moment, adjusting one’s ability to allow more presence in their life.

This attunement not only severs an overactive mind that is continually foreseeing possible negative outcomes that may present as future outcomes, that is responsible in creating states of anxiety, it actually allows one to use their imagination in a more mindful way, bringing their focus and aligning one to the energies of the universal flow that brings nourishment and connection to the whole.

These Prehnite discs unites one with a frequency that helps to expand and commune beyond the ethers. Enhancing both our transmitting and receiver qualities facilitates our ability as beacons to elevate our attraction that will bring an upsurge in our abilities to  commune and unite not only with our higher – self but those of  inter-dimensional beings, the Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, ET’s, Fairies, Deva’s and spiritual guides.

It brings one to unite closer to one’s natural state of being to allow the use of our inherent gifts. Greatly expanding our electromagnetic fields that are being broadcasted to the cosmos, Prehnite is committed to targeting the heart centre responsible for this increase in  resonant quantum frequencies that brings one to unite with the rest of the universe.

A stone that heals the healer, it helps to seal and protect the auric field, and deepens meditation. Gaining a better grasp on inner knowing and prophecy, it highlights intuition and magic. What more could one want.

Weight – on averages around 16 to 18 grams

Dimensions Approximately – roughly around 4 cm  x  2.5  cm  x  1.8 cm

HEALTH –  is useful for diagnosis seeking root cause of disease – healing to the kidneys, bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs – treats gout and blood disorders – repairs the connective tissue in the body – may stabilize malignancy – calming – nurtures one’s energy field – eases worries especially about health – calms hyperactive children and animals – helps balance circulatory system and the lymph – it can help clearing toxins and wastes through body – calms infections of the urinary tract and glands – alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears –

PROTECTION – seals and shields the auric field

SPIRITUAL  – inspires lucid dreaming – deeper meditations – aligns one to their higher self – attunes one to the universal grid – opens communication with the angelic realms, ET’s – inspires prophecy – heightens intuition – attunes one to the divine energies – beneficial to spiritual growth – inspires trust in the universe – spiritual guidance – amps up visualization



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