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Sage Sticks


Sage sticks are great for smudging people, homes, office, the workplace or in any space that needs clearing of heavy, dense negative energy.


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These Sage sticks are 100% Certified Organically grown using sustainable farming practices within the USA. Made from single cuttings of smudge,  means there is less loss and breakage of the leaves. They are hand (not machine) rolled, beautifully tied with natural  thread and their scent is even more intense than standard white sage due to their growing practises.

The use of sage  has been around for centuries, used in preforming spiritual rituals or in the act of cleansing spaces, people and places, the white sage is helpful in promoting healing and the connection to one’s inner wisdom. Used in rituals, healing sessions and ceremony it spurs purification of the mind, body, and soul. Helping to connect with the spiritual world it prepares and initiates the space to be cleansed of impurities, to which its penetration into the ethers acts to alter the vibration of the space and or the auric field’s of any living entity.

Sage sticks are a must have when one moves into a new home or new premises to help clear the previous owners energy. After smudging the space it will feel much more lighter and balanced. Even regular clearing of one’s home acts to bring about a more serene, light, joyful essence that can be palpable felt.

Smudging the home is an easy task. Open all the windows and doors, light the sage stick, and blow out the flame. Let the smoke smoulder as you move around, fanning the smoke  into each room , making sure you linger in each corner with the intention to cleanse the space. Once finished you can put the sage stick out by either popping it into a pot of sand or extinguishing like a cigarette.

Sage sticks are great for smudging people, homes, office, the workplace or in any space that needs clearing of heavy, dense negative energy. Smudging people is a great way to cleanse one’s auric field, I feel absolutely amazing after a quick smudge, in fact so do your crystals. Not only do you feel much lighter, but you gain so much more energy due to the release of excess dense, heavy energy that you may have picked up from anywhere or from anyone.

Smudging should become a regular cleansing ritual for anyone wanting to maintain and support both their physical and spiritual health.  Bringing about a perfect space for deeper meditations it prepares one to not only pass through the veil, but aligns and unites one with the higher self.

We have two sizes currently available to suit any application.



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