Bloodstone Obelisk
Bloodstone Obelisk
December 20, 2021
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Nephrite Jade Pyramid
December 26, 2021
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Sardonyx Obelisk


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The Sardonyx Obelisk empowers one with strength and protection. Holding a magical presence it imbues one to connect with hidden aspects of self that inspires one to truly encompass the quality’s of integrity, honesty and noble conduct.

Helping one to attune to  higher levels of spiritual awareness, it brings one to sit within a space that allows for one to descend into the depths of searching for one’s purpose of existence.  None other than the experience of the Earth plane life but imbues one with the sanction of discovering, embracing and navigating a more meaningful path in one’s life journey.

It holds a boundless depth of gifts of which will only be unveiled if one wishes to truly connect with this piece. it will allow entry within its crystalline corridors, acting as portals of access to endless points of consciousness through deep meditation practices.

It imbues all the light qualities that not only help to cleanse all the chakra centres but provides the cornerstone of good practice when one wishes to connect. with its grounding and protecting qualities it supports its guardian to be firmly anchored which brings intensity of intercepting the worlds beyond this illusion.

Weight – 98 grams

Dimensions Approximately –  9.7 cm x  2.3 cm  x  2.2 cm

HEALTH – heals the lungs and bones- re-sensitizes the sensory organs – regulates fluids and cell metabolism – strengthens the immune system – aids in the absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products – increases stamina – helps to alleviate depression – aids in the process of osmosis and processing of information – attracts fortune and friends – supports willpower – strengthens character and self-control – eliminates hesitancy – it brings happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships

PROTECTION – the black hue helps to support protection against negativity – can be gridded around the home to protect against crime

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – the brown hue helps to ground and anchor one’s energies – improves perception – allows one to seek a more meaningful existence

References –

Hall, J, 2003, ‘The Crystal Bible’, Goldsfield Press, China

Hall, J, 2018, ‘Crystal Companion’, Octopus Publishing, UK

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Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 2.3 × 2.2 cm
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