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Obsidian Obelisk


This Obsidian Obelisk is very protective forming a shield against negativity, it protects against psychic attack and negative spiritual influences.

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This Obsidian Obelisk holds the energy of a powerful ally, for one who is ready to merge with their true self. Its merciless with it fast paced action, helping one to enter the psyche, one gains access to imbalances and shadow aspects of the self. It is this process that allows one to gain awareness by bearing witness, and accepting all parts, to assume who you truly are. A panacea to becoming whole, the black Obsidian works its magic addressing past lives and ancient traumas and wounds. But it doesn’t stop there, it has strong capabilities of  including the clearing of the ancestral and family lines. All of which can be quite overwhelming, however if one is seeking this particular stone then one is ready.

It addresses constricting beliefs, outmoded patterns of behaviour, and blockages that are dis-empowering, leading towards a hindering in one’s growth on all levels. It is a truth teller, exposing all flaws and weaknesses, yet  it gives strong support whilst one undergoes the process of purification.

Very protective it forms a shield against negativity, addressing all, including negativity within oneself or that within the environment. Like a psychic vacuum cleaner it cleanses the auric field of all disharmony, including negative attachments, cords, hooks, astral plane junk, even our own emanations of anger, greed, fear and or resentment.

One is united with a vibration that guards against psychic attack or negative spiritual influences, which may be considered a bonus when one is using a stone that also offers the gift of spirit communication.

The Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone, helping to anchor the spirit into the body. It offers clarity of mind, clears confusion. With its calming quality it brings relief from stress and tension, but unlike the band-aid effect it allows one to gain insights to the real cause behind the stress so that one may take action to address and resolve the said issue.

This Obsidian Obelisk has a real masculine energy about it, very strong in character, it is very serious in bringing one into a state of  growth. Inspiring one to let go of all that that no longer serves you, it will support you to step forth into your authentic self.  Namaste.

Weight – 98 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 11 cm  x  2.4 cm  x  1.5 cm

HEALTH- improves energy and vitality – reduces stress and mental tension – brings clarity – calming – supports digestion on all levels – detoxes –  reduces pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries  – dissolves blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies including hardened arteries – makes a great elixir for shock – stanches bleeding – benefits circulation – warms the extremities’ – can be used to shrink an enlarged prostrate – clearance of reproductive problems based in past abuse or current self -abuse

PROTECTION – shields against psychic attack, ill wishing, negative spiritual influences and environmental pollution – repels any form of negativity – seals the auric field

SPIRITUAL – grounding – great scrying tool – gift of prophecy – releases one from old loves – gives insights to cause of disease – removes blockages from the meridian system – great for the  highly sensitive – it supports one in maintaining healthier integrity of their energy fields – spiritual communication – integration of shadow selves –

References –

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Weight 0.098 kg
Dimensions 11 × 1.5 × 2.4 cm
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Black Obsidian, Obsidian

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