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Septarian Sphere


The Septarian Sphere instills an awareness of how powerful the use of word is, and its impact on both the listener and its speaker.

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Also dubbed the ‘Dragon Stone’ this Septarian Sphere brings harmony to the mind and to the emotions. Its formation gives rise to its ability to harmonize both our inner and outer selves. Integrating the past with the future via the present moment it allows one to walk the line between connection with others and as well as individually.

Formed over 70 million years ago within seabeds due to volcanic activity, the Septarian stone is the result of compressed organic matter including a mixture of brown Aragonite and yellow Calcite. The combination is extremely powerful, providing attributes that aid to support healing of the Earth, and actively supports both personal and planetary growth. Its essence encourages caring for the environment and everything on our planet.

A great choice of stone if you are an active communicator, speak in public or wish to expand on your levels of expressing your ideas and creations. It allows one to become aware of how powerful speech is and the impact that it has not only on the listener but also within one’s own physical body. (what the psyche perceives, the body conceives)

It enables one to capture their audience and allow for each respectfully seem as they are being addressed individually even though you are addressing the whole. Its grounding aspect encourages you to speak only in the positive present tense as it takes your attention away from the negativities in the past. It allows one to grasp the concept of one’s use of language and that each word that is used  has the capacity to dramatically change your your reality.

Weight – 618 gm

Dimensions Approximately – 7.5 cm  x  7.5 cm  x  7.5 cm

HEALTH – This Septarian sphere may help to correct mental & emotional imbalance – boosts confidence and clarity when communicating with a crowd – increase creativity – facilitates feeling more in control of your life – kick starts a self healing ability dissolving energetic blockages – re-balances metabolism – reprograms cellular memory – highly effective against SAD (seasonal affective disorder) – may reduce swelling and support structures and organ within the body – energetically supports drug users during detox and maintains strength of purpose thereafter – stimulates physical growth in children – keeps joints flexible – calms the intestines and nervous system –

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – deepens meditation and spiritual exploration – opening new pathways for kundalini energy to rise – facilitates memories of former lives – releases outdated mental patterns – instills new behavior and beliefs via re-patterning within neurotransmitters and cellular memory – mediating with this stone can reveal underlying causes of disease – grid around child’s bed to prevent nightmares or ameliorates night twitches in adults – supports NLP sessions

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Weight 0.618 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm
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Dragon Stone, Septarian