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November 29, 2020
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December 3, 2020
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Shungite Pendant


Such a gorgeous piece this Shungite Pendant brings with it a 24/7 shield against EMF emissions, one is truly gifted with a powerful amulet.

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Over 2 billion years old this mineral brings a protective shield to ward off all detrimental energy waves, making this Shungite pendant a must have for the world that we now live in. With 5g now entering the picture, it is vitally important that we are mindful of maintaining not only our physical bodies but also the etheric overlay, to prevent weakening of our vessels that we reside. Being exposed on a daily basis to wi-fi, computers and mobiles brings with it disruption of our vibrations, eliciting chaos and disharmony within our energetic bodies predisposes one to risk of dis-ease and dis-harmony.

With much Shungite on the market the ‘elite form of Shungite’ is by far the most powerful of the two due to the increased amount of carbon, and with that the price is also increased. This particular piece is quite large and will offer its ally super efficient protection against EMF emissions.

Containing all the minerals of the periodic table Shungite has been studied revealing its composition containing          ‘fullerenes’ or so named ‘buckyballs’. Considered rare, this mineral is only sourced from one location in the world, namely Russia and its origin has many theories, including its entry onto the earth may have been related to its entry as a meteorite. Who knows, yet this non-crystalline mineral is under scientific scrutiny due to its unique properties, and is most definitely worth considering to guard against EMF emissions amongst other beneficial properties.

This Shungite pendant brings with it many gifts, working deep within the physical it brings balance and transforms stress. Due to its ability to absorb negativity and pollutants it is imperative that one regularly cleanses their Shungite pendant and recharges it in the sun.

Source – Russia

Weight – 20gm

Dimensions Approximately – 3.8cm  x  3.5cm  x  1cm

HEALTH – supports cellular metabolism – neurotransmitters – immune – digestive and filtration systems – enzyme production – detoxification – antioxidant – antibacterial – ant inflammatory – antihistamine – pain relief – purifies water

PROTECTION – protects against UMF emissions

SPIRITUAL – targets earth star chakra, base and higher heart (immune)

References –

Hall, Judy., 2011, ‘101 Power Crystals’, Four Winds Press, Beverly, MA




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Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.5 × 1 cm
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Elite Shungite, Shungite

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