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Topaz Earrings


These Topaz earrings carry the essence of joy, allowing one to enter into sync with their higher self they instil a sense of trust.

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These gorgeous Topaz Earrings caught my attention ushering me to add them to my collection. Not knowing much about this stone, its vibration soon captured and aligned within my auric field bringing with it not only vibrancy and clarity, but a thorough cleansing, activation and overhaul. Uniting me with a mineral intent of clearing mental confusion and an attunement that is worthy of bringing about heightened intellect capacities and verbal dexterity.

It has an abundant of qualities too many to name here, so I will focus on what the stones are wanting me to share. Carrying an essence of joy their focus is on the intent of lighting up the path that was pre-destined, allowing one to enter into sync with their higher self they instil a sense of trust in what one is feeling and tapping into.

As an ally this capacity to align one brings strength for one to be, rather than to do. Empowering, it alerts the inner soul to heed to the necessary growth that is speed tracked when one is entraining with these stones. They bring confidence and positivity and the need to share this with others, but also, they urge one to pursue their goals. With a knowingness that success is a result through one’s liberation of doubt and uncertainty, one is purely guided by the wisdom found within the vessel that one resides.

These gorgeous blue Topaz earrings brings clarity to the big picture, but also allows one to become privy to the minute details and their significance with the whole. Bringing ease of manifestation, these stones are none other than pure gifts of nature, nurturing to their guardian, one becomes united with an energy intent of providing both guidance and healing.

Weight – 4gm

Dimensions Approximately – 5.5cm  x  1.5cm  x  .8cm

HEALTH – manifests good health – aids digestion – combats anorexia – restores the sense of taste – fortifies the nerves – stimulates the metabolism – elixir helps to correct dimness of vision – induces relaxation – reduces stress – boosts confidence – stabilizes emotions – energizes the physical body – instils courage and wisdom

SPIRITUAL – stimulates, activates cleanses heals and aligns the meridian systems of the body – cleanses the aura – connects to the angels of wisdom – links into interdimensional consciousness

These Made in Earth Earrings has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × .8 × 1.5 cm
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Blue Topaz, Topaz

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