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Smoky Quartz Point


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Great for anchoring into Mother Earth this Smoky Quartz point will assist one in grounding their energies.

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Grounding, protective and a great antidote to undesirably negative vibes, this Smoky Quartz point is a great addition to anyone’s crystal collection.

Allowing one to forge a great connection with Mother Earth, this anchoring helps to stabilize one’s energies feeding one’s stamina and vitality. A great stone that helps to alleviate depression, address fear, promotes calmness, it provides one with a direct influence in supporting a positive attitude. Improving mental concentration it is truly a stone that brings spirit back into the body, one then gains a greater aptitude in manifesting one’s true desires within this plane of existence.

Like a sheild it counteracts geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. Neutralising negative energy it acts on the mind, body and soul. With its detoxifying capabilities it helps to eliminate and cleanse all energetic bodies including the physical, bringing conscious awareness of what needs to go.

Great for eliminating stress, the Smoky Quartz point helps to eradicate negative emotions whether your own or those directed toward to you. Its natural irradiation provides one with a great tool that can be used to assist in treating radiation related illness or chemotherapy. Can also be used for pain relief including headaches by simply placing the crystal on the effected part it acts to dissolve the pain. By placing the point away from the body it helps to draw off negative energy or if one wishes to re-energise you simply do the reverse and point toward the body.

Weight – 45gm

Dimensions Approximately – 70mm  x  20mm  x  20mm

HEALTH – helps with stress, depression & fear – calming – alleviates  suicidal tendencies – effective for aliments of the abdomen, hips & legs – relieves pain including headaches – benefits reproductive system, muscle, nerve tissue & heart – dissolves cramps – helps to assimilate minerals – regulates fluids within body system – assists kidneys and other organs of elimination to remove toxins from the body – smoky quartz prevents the appearance of healing crises from occurring – supports vitality – great for those that feel drained – fortifies the nerves – eliminates and detoxes on all levels – eliminates nightmares – dissolves negative emotions – promotes positive thoughts – spurs concentration – eliminates communication difficulties – excellent for radiation related illnesses, chemotherapy, sunburn or exposure to radioactive materials – pain relief – eradicates bad moods

PROTECTION – shields against any negativity and helps to neutralize it back into earth – similar to sage it helps to clear and cleanse ones auric field – protects against electromagnetic fields and radiation, whether environmental or precipitated through exposure to radioactive material, sunburn, radiation therapy, or electronic devices & computers – protects against psychic attack

SPIRITUAL – helps to ground one’s energies allowing one to both receive & engage in higher frequency ranges – shines a light on gifts hidden within your inner being – aides in clearing the mind and increasing vibrations during meditation – facilitates movement between alpha and beta states of mind – cleanses and clears the auric field – its vibrations may initiate one’s abilities to view ghosts, UFO’s, fairies and spirit guides

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Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7 cm
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Quartz, Smoky Quartz