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Smoky Quartz Ring


Grounding and protecting against negative vibes, this Smoky Quartz ring brings a vibration that allows one enter a more coherent state.

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This gorgeous handcrafted Smoky Quartz ring will help one to create a better connection with the Earth. Assisting in the grounding process it unites one’s energies with Gaia. This union not only dispels feeling’s of being scattered and the inability of thinking clearly, the grounding effect allows one to enter into states of great focus, enhancing concentration, it brings practicality and coherence of thought.

This grounding allows the flow of energy to enter the root chakra bringing in a great sense of relief from many emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression and or fears. When one becomes bathed within the vibrations of being secured within the realms of the Earth a stronger sense of security is embodied. Supporting and suppling an energy source one gains more vitality and stamina and the ability to ground one’s hearts desires within this reality, truly making it a stone of manifestation.

This Smoky Quartz ring, with its unique design not only gifts one with a greater sense of connection but also protects against any form of negative vibrations. Its natural irradiation has allowed this precious stone to block electromagnetic smog. As a neutraliser it absorbs and shields against the detrimental effects of this ever invading unseen energy that surrounds us on this physical plane. Negative emotions are simply dissolved bringing about a greater sense of relief and calm. The properties of this stone allows one to enter a  space where awareness of what not longer serves them is left behind, moving forward one is filled with a much more positive vibration, a side effect of detoxing from emotional release.

Clearing and cleansing the auric field this Smoky Quartz ring is a must have. Guarding against psychic attack and transmuting the toxic Wi-Fi emanations, it helps one to utilize the higher frequencies with out any side effects. Fortifying the nerves its provides the anchor for one to stabilise their energy, strengthening, replenishing and rebalancing, Smoky Quartz brings one back into their body.

Ring Size – 8.5 (Ring Size Chart)

Source – Brazil

Weight – 3 gm

Dimensions Approximately – 22mm  x  27mm x  11mm

HEALTH – helps with stress, depression & fear – calming – alleviates  suicidal tendencies – effective for aliments of the abdomen, hips & legs – relieves pain including headaches – benefits reproductive system, muscle, nerve tissue & heart – dissolves cramps – helps to assimilate minerals – regulates fluids within body system – assists kidneys and other organs of elimination to remove toxins from the body – smoky quartz prevents the appearance of healing crises from occurring – supports vitality – great for those that feel drained – fortifies the nerves – eliminates and detoxes on all levels – eliminates nightmares – dissolves negative emotions – promotes positive thoughts – spurs concentration – eliminates communication difficulties – excellent for radiation related illnesses, chemotherapy, sunburn or exposure to radioactive materials – pain relief – eradicates bad moods

PROTECTION – shields against any negativity and helps to neutralize it back into earth – similar to sage it helps to clear and cleanse ones auric field – protects against electromagnetic fields and radiation, whether environmental or precipitated through exposure to radioactive material, sunburn, radiation therapy, or electronic devices & computers – protects against psychic attack –

SPIRITUAL – helps to ground one’s energies allowing one to both receive & engage in higher frequency ranges – shines a light on gifts hidden within your inner being – aides in clearing the mind and increasing vibrations during meditation – facilitates movement between alpha and beta states of mind – cleanses and clears the auric field – its vibrations may initiate one’s abilities to view ghosts, UFO’s, fairies and spirit guides –

This Made in Earth ring have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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