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Tourmaline Green Ring


Simply stunning this Tourmaline Green ring brings with it a nurturing vibration. Allowing one to slip into a sense of balance this new mindfulness creates the capacity for one to view life with a renewed passion.

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This Tourmaline green ring is so dainty, yet not with its vibration. Carrying a strong capacity to spur strength and vitality it is a premier healing stone inspired to bring one into states of balance and wholeness. Not only does it nourish and support the nervous system it brings with it a frequency to help mend past emotional hurts. Bringing one’s emotional body into a state of repair, old patterns responsible begin to unravel bringing through a greater sense of entering into renewed states of transformation. Old programs that are outdated are rewired for more positive outcomes.

The green Tourmaline is a great stone of transforming the negative into positive. Working on all levels spiritually, emotionally and physically as all stones do it makes a bee line for the heart centre. It is here where it helps to realign one back into a greater sense of being. Its healing centred in this region instigates an overall impact on the whole body.  It invokes states of courage, stamina and physical strength. Quietening the mind, one becomes open to releasing old habits, confined to a life of operating within a programmed state, one enters a vibrational shift allowing the new to enter. Discarding fear of change, life becomes sweeter with an enhanced passion to become not only more expressive but to challenge oneself with changes, allowing the new to enter one’s life.

This Tourmaline green ring brings visions and creativity, an openness to allow the free-flowing energy to pulse throughout the meridians counteracting blockages that may be present. It’s the attuning to the earths vibration that this green stone elicits, that brings through a connection of stability and wholeness that nourishes the physical body with a radiance that is none other than pure source energy. Awakening one’s connection within the Devic realms it opens a gateway for one to dwell and connect with the plant and animal kingdoms.

If one is seeking a stone that brings compassion, abundance and prosperity than let this Tourmaline Green ring be your ally into entering a new way of life, one that is filled with utter presence inspired by the vibration that it holds.

Ring Size – 8  (Ring Size Chart)

Ring resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 1gm

Dimensions Approximately – 22mm  x  30mm  x  15mm

HEALTH – great healing stone – brings balance & wholeness – dispels fear – aids sleep – quiets the mind – nourishes and nurture’s nervous system – treats eyes, heart, thymus, immune system and brain – facilitates weight loss – relieves CFS and exhaustion – assists in realigning spine and strained muscles – detoxifier – heals constipations & diarrhea – reduces claustrophobia & panic attacks – increases vitality & stamina – evokes courage & strength – helps to strengthen heart – stimulates proper cellular functions & reproduction – gain sense of belonging – treats anxiety, panic attacks & claustrophobia – beneficial for bronchitis, pleurisy, emphysema, pneumonia – paranoia – hand & eye coordination – great for liver & gallbladder

PROTECTION – protects on all levels

SPIRITUAL – offers entry into the Devic realms – use in meditation to commune with nature spirits – opens heart chakra – helps to physically connect with plants & animals – great for treating etherically cancers and other cell growth imbalances – prepares emotional body for vibrational shift – transforms negative energy to positive – assimilation & translation of coded information – improves energy flow – removes blockages

This Made in Earth ring have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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